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Gravity Roller Conveyor
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POF Shrink Film
PET Shrink Label Film (for Shrink Sleeve Labels)
Roller Conveyors
Powered Roller Conveyor
Chain Driven Roller Conveyor

At Multipack, you will find high-performance roller conveyors helping in diverse industrial packing projects. Our product range includes high-performance Gravity Roller Conveyors as well as Powered Roller Conveyors. We stock Bucket Elevator Conveyor, Packing Conveyor, Modular Conveyor, Belt Conveyor and Automated Conveyor Systems. These conveyors find great application across industry verticals such as food, packaging, pharmaceuticals and several others. Thanks to its robust structure for ensuring reliable performance of the machine.

Our range of Powered Roller Conveyors includes Buffer Film, POF Shrink Film and Roller Conveyors. These machines exhibit high-efficiency while handling heavy loads. Additionally, we are launching Chain Driven Roller Conveyors for high-performance conveying needs.