Capper Machine

Capper machine – Vial Capper, ROPP Capper, Screw capper
Induction Cap Sealing Machine, Induction Sealer Machine
Eight Head ROPP Capper Machine – Screw Rotary Bottle Capping Machine
Rotary Screw Capper Machine, Rotary Bottle Screw Capping Machine
Vial Cap Sealing Machine
Single Head Bottle ROPP Capping Machine , Single Head Capper machine
Screw capping machine ,Bottle Plastic Screw Capping Machine , Screw capper machine
Measuring – Dosing Cup Placement Machine, Measuring Cup Placement machine
Bottle Cap Lining Machine - Cap Wadding Machines/Cap Waders

All Types of Capping Solutions

As one of the pioneering packaging machinery manufacturers, Multipack offers commercial-grade capper machines for a range of capping needs. Our product range includes Induction Cap Sealing Equipments, Rotary Bottle Screw Capping tools, Eight Head ROPP cap sealing machine as well as Vial Cap Sealing Machine. The Induction Cap Sealing Tool manufactured by us offers complete flexibility in operations. It is capable of sealing caps of 20 to 120 mm diameter without changing its parts.

Some of our other capping products waiting to be launched are Single Head Bottle ROPP cap sealing and Bottle Plastic Screw Capping Machine, Measuring Cup Placement Tool, Bottle Cap Lining Equipment, Cap Wadding Machines or Cap Waders, Screw Capper Instruments and Single Head Capper Machines.

Despite the challenging nature of the capping process, we have developed capping machines that address most of the capping requirements of industries. The machine places and tightens caps at speeds going up to 200 caps per minute with limited changes of parts. The capper machine is an economic solution to both small and large diameter caps for various container types.

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