Carton Erectors
Horizontal Automatic Carton Erector - Vertical Box Erecting Machine
Automatic Carton Erector Machine - Box Erector Machine
Carton Sealer
Carton Sealing Machine – Fully Auto Carton Edge Sealer Machine – Multipack-6702A
Carton Folding Sealer-Multipack-6605S
Semi-Auto Carton Edge Sealer-Multipack-6702
Carton Underside Sealer-Multipack-6606
Fully Auto Carton Flap Folding Sealer-Multipack-6605A
Carton Folding Sealer-Multipack-6605
Automatic Carton Sealer-Multipack-6603A
Semi-Auto Carton Sealer-Multipack-6604
Semi-Auto Carton Sealer-Multipack-6603
Semi-Auto Carton Sealer – Multipack-6602
Semi-Auto Carton Sealer – Multipack-6601S
Automatic Carton Sealer – Multipack-6601A
Semi-Automatic Uniform Carton Sealer-Multipack-6601

Multipack offers top quality carton erectors capable of handling bulk production packing demands. These tools find widespread application in the Auto-packaging lines. The carton erectors manufactured by us include two different models namely MULTIPACK-6801 and Multipack-6701. These equipments have an automatic operation and utilize the touch-screen mechanism while functioning. Moreover, our machines offer great assistance while packing large cartons. With Japanese pneumatic components and designs, our carton erectors provide easy operation.

Apart from our carton erectors, you will also find a complete range of carton sealers with us. We at Multipack offer automatic and semi-automatic carton sealers for diverse packing needs. Different models are available, depending upon the specific industry needs.

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