Automatic Carton Sealer-Multipack-6603A


The CHS-6603A carton sealer is an automatically adjustable auto carton sealer. It enables every operator to start production easily because it is easy to use and adjust different cases. With top & side driving belts for the transportation of cartons it performs the sealing of the box. According to customer requirements 2’ or 3’ tapping heads can be included. Carton sealers have been designed and manufactured according to CE Standards.


  • Automatically adjust the height and width according to different sizes of carton.
  • Side drive device can automatically fix the carton position and start sealing. The whole operation is stable and smooth.
  • Top and side drive belts for carton sealers are suitable for heavy products.
  • The working table height is adjustable.
  • It is available for automatic production line.


Model CHS-6603A
Power supply 1φ, 110V/220V/240V , 50/60HZ
Tape Width 2 ” or 3 ” (according to customer’s need)
2 ” Standard Carton Dimension L =150~∞mm, W =130~500mm, H =120~500mm
3 ” Standard Carton Dimension L =150~∞mm, W =155~500mm, H =120~500mm
Working Table Height 570~770mm
Convey Speed 20M / MIN
Machine size L =1250 x W =910 x H =1315mm
Air compressor 6 KG/cm2
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