Carton Underside Sealer-Multipack-6606


TheCHS-6606 carton sealer is a handy underside case sealer. The user places loaded box into machine and automatically applied to underside of carton flaps. Holds box in place for loading while you pack them, then pushes box into sealer. This underside sealer for cartons works in conjunction with the automatic carton sealer or the semi-automatic carton sealer.


  • Carton Sealer is suitable for all purpose carton sealing.
  • Manually does carton loading; automatically fold bottom flaps automatically. Carton Sealer enters into the carton sealing machine.


Model CHS-6606
Power supply 1φ, 110V/220V/240V , 50/60HZ
Tape Width 2 ” or 2.5” or 3 ” (according to customer’s need)
Minimum carton size L =300 x W =230 x H =600mm
Maximum carton size L =600 x W=230 x H =600mm
Machine size L =1300 x W =870 x H =1500mm
Air compressor 4-6 KG/cm2
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