Automatic Carton Erector Machine – Box Erector Machine


Our CHS-6701 is a vertical type Automatic Carton Erector. This Automatic Carton Erector Machine – Box Erector Machine is useful in bulk productivity in short duration, erecting cases of various sizes into different shapes and seal the bottom of the box with tape/hot glue. Carton erecting machine is very much useful and in high demand for auto packaging line.


  • The Automatic Carton Erector adopts touch-screen panel. It is easy to operate the machine.
  • Automatic Carton Erector can fit for automatic packaging system, opening, forming, folding and sealing action accomplish at a time.
  • Vertical type storage can supply the un-opened carton anytime.
  • Carton erector is easy to adjust for different size of carton.
  • PLC controlled– easy to alter the program.
  • Japanese pneumatic element.
  • Humanizing designed, easy to operate.
  • Assembly with safety signal device on the machine and the deficiency alarm at the carton storage.


Model CHS-6701
Power 1φ, 110V/220V/240V , 50/60HZ
Power supply 800W
Carton size L =250~500MM, W =170~400MM, H =90~550MM
Cardboard Temporary stock 50/60 PCS
Capability 8-12 CTN/MIN (depends on carton’s size and material)
Working table height 650MM
Air compressor 6 KG/cm2
Tape width 2″ or 3″ (according to customer’s need)
Machine size L =2210 x W =1650 x H =1700MM


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