Carton Folding Sealer-Multipack-6605S


The CHS-6605S is semi automatic carton folding sealer with side driving system. This flap folding system is developed with manually adjustable box sizes to seal the top and bottom of the boxes. According to customer requirements 2’ or 3’ tapping heads can be included. Carton sealers have been designed and manufactured according to CE Standards.


  • When operator feeds the carton into the machine, the machine will fold the carton’s front flap, rear flap and side flaps automatically then proceed to tape the carton and send out the carton.
  • Two sides belt driven for folding carton sealer.
  • The height and the width of the carton can be adjusted by crank handle, easy adjustment.
  • This machine is suitable for few carton size simplicity production line.


Model CHS-6605S
Power supply 1φ, 110V/220V/240V, 50/60HZ
Tape Width 2 ” or 3 ” (according to customer’s need)
2 ” Standard Carton Dimension L =150~550mm, W =130~500mm, H =120~500mm
3 ” Standard Carton Dimension L =150~550mm, W =150~500mm, H =120~500mm
Working Table Height 570~770mm
Convey Speed 20M / MIN
Machine size L =1900 x W =960 x H =1600mm
Air compressor 4-6 KG/cm2

Sketch Map


  • Extension roller table: L450/500 x W500mm
  • Stainless steel structure
  • CE standard
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