Flexible Conveyors


Flexible conveyor is used in transportation of packing lines, warehousing, loading/unloading with all flat bottom boxes. This conveyor handles all sizes of box packages and is used for easy movement, expansion and compaction with low space usage. Such conveyor units can be combined in multiple ways with great flexibility and can be used to expand the length of conveyor roller.


Model Expandable Roller Conveyor Expandable Roller Conveyor
Conveyor Type Still Conveyor Motorized Conveyor
Roller Type PVC Roller PVC Roller
Power Supply Nil 220/50HZ
Width of Conveveyor(in mm) 600 600
Length of Conveveyor(in mm) 2000-4800 2000-5000
Loading Capacity (in kg) 80 80
Conveyor Speed Nil 15mtr/min
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