POF Shrink Film


POF Film is mainly used now and has become the main material for packaging.

With Multipack you will get material at Lower cost and higher efficiency with better services.


  • High shrinkage rate, high transparency, lower consumption and lower the human-made material cost.
  • Film is durable and high anti-tension strength.
  • Damproof and dustyproof. Good extension.
  • No fumes or smoke during sealing.
  • Easy to operate and applicable to all kinds of packaging machine.
  • Special shape product can be sealed completely and tightly and make the product more shining.


Thickness Width Length/M Specific weight g/cm
0.012m/m 8″-30″ 1332 0.92
0.015m/m 8″-30″ 1332 0.92
0.019m/m 8″-30″ 1067 0.92
0.025m/m 8″-30″ 800 0.92
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