Industrial Bucket Elevators – Bucket Elevator Conveyor


Our High Speed Centrifugal Discharge Type Bucket Elevators are used to pass dry easy flowing, crumbled material like sand, crushed coal, cement etc. We offer slow speed elevators, industrial bulk elevators etc when large size lumpy and abrasive material is used. Elevators are designed to match duty requirements by selecting the appropriate combination.

Bucket Elevators

Bulk Elevators are useful when there is need to transform material from one level to another. This equipment is used when available floor space is less unlike inclined conveyors which occupies lots of space. Industrial Bucket Conveyor is handy and can be adjustable is small floor area. This conveyor can be modified to meet specific needs like transferring unit loads like boxes, cartons for loading and unloading. Further automation is achieved in loading and unloading by providing a small roller / belt conveyor at feeding and exit point which takes care of feeding the goods to elevator. Precise control and faster transformation is achieved by sensing devices like Limit switches, proximity switches etc. to suit individual application.


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