Profusely Asked Questions on Shrink Sleeve Labels

Beginning with what are shrink sleeves? With more and more choices coming up in the market, industries put continuous efforts to bring new products and machines to compete in the ongoing race. They keep on introducing new line of products and devices that differentiate their business from their competitors. And one such way is the shrink sleeve labels. They are a new type of labelers that are becoming popular in the label industries because of number of reasons. Allowing eye-catching creativity in graphics and colour, durability and waterproof nature, easy removal of the stickers are some of its features.

They cost a little more than the regular labelers but, can increase the market share and the shelf appeal of the product is also improved. Since the sleeve covers the product completely, costly containers are replaced by the cost effective ones. Due to its impressing benefits, shrink sleeve labels are coming to light in a wide line of industries.

Increasing Growth and Uses of Shrink Sleeves
We are certain that, almost every industry benefits from these applicators. From food and beverage to pharmaceutical and households, these applicators work well with all of them. Regardless of how many times the product is used these stickers will look as new as a day. Evident protection from tampering, withstanding moisture and temperature variations and friction resistance are some of the important factors of the sticker application machines.

Now, we have understood that shrink sleeve label applicators are becoming popular in the labeling industry. A company’s continuous efforts are to produce promising and attractive products, which can please the customers and make them, buy it. Hence the rise in demand for attractive looking products in the market has compiled the companies to turn to the flexibility offered by the intelligent machine. Now that more and more companies are implementing these devices let us clear some profusely asked questions.

How long will it take for my first order?

Depending on the type of order and complexity of the work to be done, it may take about 4 – 6 weeks. Plus the time taken for approval of the artwork also affects the delivery time. The reorders however don’t take more than two or three weeks.

How will the sleeves be shrunken into the container?

Answer to this question is that, devices like hot air tunnel, radiant heat tunnel or a steam tunnel should be used which are specially designed for this purpose. Any other means like, microwave or a blow dryer is not recommended.

Can we receive the prototype of the finished product?

Yes, prototyping is provided most of the times. It is usually done for promotional values.

Are there any particular containers which cannot use a shrink labeler?

Actually shrink sleeves can fit onto almost all types of containers. However, the challenge comes when the containers cannot withstand the heat from the steam tunnel during the application process.

Can a sleeve have a scan code?

Yes, but there are a couple of factors that has to be taken care of to ensure a proper scanning. If the code is printed on the curved portion it may cause scanning issues. So the code should be applied on a less curved area. Seam location can also effect the scanning process thus it has to be placed accordingly.

What should be the budget for the equipment?

The amount depends on the size of your application. It can vary from ten thousands to hundred thousands of dollars according to the necessity.

How high is the costing of the applicators than the normal ones?

The volume and complexity of your job will make it costlier than the regular ones. But, generally they all cost relatively same.

How should the sleeves be stored?

The sleeves should be stored in a cool environment, where the temperature doesn’t go above 80 degrees. Higher temperature can cause premature shrinking and make them useless.

What should be the size of the container?

There are five types’ measurements: slit width, print width, print height, cut length and layflat. For accurate measurements the customer should send a sample.

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