Neck Shrink Sleeve Machine



  • Bottles are Automatically  fed (or inline with other units) on the running conveyor of the applicator.
  • Roll type sleeve should be loaded on the unwind station.
  • Web is unwound from the unwind unit through a unwind nip arrangement.
  • Unwind nip pulls film & get collected in the box from where it is pulled by main feeding roller on mandrel.
  • Film is then cut by rotary cutter & remains on mandrel till bottle comes below it & dropped on it.
  • Bottles are fed to the machine taking care for proper pitching.
  • Bottles with the sleeve applied over the neck come out from the other side.

  • Bottles should be of good quality & dried.
  • Sleeve should be of proper specification in Roll form.
  • Operator should understand the working of the machine properly.
Product: Plastic/Glass Filled Bottles.
Sleeve Thickness: Min 40 microns
Sleeve applying area: For Tamper proof Sleeving – Neck application
Sleeve: Shrink Sleeve
Capacity: 100 Bottles/minute (Speed Depends on cutlength)
Floor Space requirement: Approximately 1mtr from all sides of the machine.
Hence, clearance of 1mtr should be added to the actual size of the machine.
Operator requirement: 1 Skilled operator & 1 Semi Skilled.
Sleeve applying area: For Tamper proof Sleeving – Neck application
Electric supply: 3 Phase electric supply, Connected load: 6.5 KW, 415  5 V AC, 50Hz Earth & Neutral.


  • Fully Automatic operation.
  • Can handle Glass & Polymer bottles.
  • No Bottle – No Sleeve
  • No Bottle – Total halt.
  • Rotary Cutter.
  • Rigid Structure with Good Speed.
  • PLC Controlled. (To cut off wiring complications)
  • Machine will have manual up & down arrangement.


  • 3 phase electric supply.
  • Stabilizer will be provided by you to avoid voltage fluctuation.
  • All civil work where the machines are to be installed.


  • Dimension of the machine: 3mtrs (L) x 1.2mtrs (W) x 2mtr (H).
  • Frame structure will be of S.S cladded and internal parts will be of M.S. Electrolysis Nickel plated.
  • 0.5HP “Bonfiglioli/Hindustan” make geared motor for conveyor.
  • “90 Watt Panasonic” makes geared motor for feed screw along with VFD.
  • Variable frequency drive used will be of “Delta” make.
  • 0.5 HP Drive – 1Nos.
  • 0.25 HP geared motor for unwind unit.
  • Rotary cutter.
  • Eye mark sensor unit. (If printed sleeves are used)
  • Perforation unit.
  • Dancing unit will be provided for control the web tension.
  • Servo motor will be of Panasonic make of 750 Watt for cutter unit.
  • Servo motor will be of Panasonic make of 2 KW for nip roller.
  • Sensors used will be of “Proximon Controls” make.
  • PLC used will be of “Delta” Make.
  • Electric accessories of “Siemens/L&T/standard” make.


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