Multipack Machines – Packaging Solutions beyond the Ordinary

Multipack Machinery is involved in manufacturing of various types of packaging machines for a wide range of consumer products. The company endeavors to provide labeling and filling solutions for virtually any product in the market. Packaging and filling machines from the company include powder fillers, liquid fillers, granule fillers, and labeling machines for all kinds of free flowing delicate products in the manufacturing industry.

This company is the one stop solution for small fills, large fills, complete packing line installations, high and low speed packaging machines, liquid fillers, shrink sleeve applicators and many more.

Manufacturing Experience

From inception, machines from multipack have emerged leading in innovation of packaging machinery by offering highly reliable equipment with efficient and accurate product handling and requiring minimum set up and maintenance processes and easy to operate systems. For all manufacturers seeking to shift from manual to automated packing systems, multipack is the best partner.


Product Range

Some of the flagship products of the company include shrink sleeving machines, shrink tunnels, auto sealing machines, stretch wrapping machines, label applicators, cup filling, cup rinsing and sealing machines, filler machines, labelers , cap lining machines and roller conveyors.

Innovative Design and Technology

  • The Human Machine Interface

The equipment from the company have included a detailed yet easy to use color touch screen human machine interface that can hold several recipes and settings for products that the machine can process. The programmable logic control system can hold up to 50 manufacturing recipes utilized for various products. This feature alone maximizes the efficiency of operation through reduction of the time spent setting up the machines during product change over and even during installation. All that is then needed is selecting the program for the incoming product and start the process.

  • Rigid and sturdy construction

All equipments are manufactured with special stainless steel framework that is extra strong and firm to eliminate machine vibrations during operation which has the effect of lowering the accuracy of most packaging operations. This complete steel construction and incorporation of locking clusters mean the equipment can be easily moved from one point to another in the production facility with much ease and no fear of breakdowns.

Technical support

With the expert technical knowledge of the company staff, we to analyse your packaging needs and determine the best equipment that will efficiently fulfill them. With the technical staff, we will analyse the product characteristics that affect the type of machine used and use this information to get you the equipment that best handles that product.

Tooling testing

Use of the correct tooling is also vital for the running of the machine especially in filling processes. Free flowing products and non free flowing products require different tools in the filling process. We will guide you on the correct tools to use for different products.

Similarly, different types, shapes and container specifications will require different tool configurations. Multipack company eliminates this headache from you by working with you step by step to come up with the best machine for your packaging and filling process.

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