Increase Value and ROI with Advanced Packaging Machineries

Multipack company develops a wide range of equipments and packaging machinery for foods packaging, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, detergents, edible oils packaging and agrochemicals handling. All products are developed with care to guarantee performance and durability. Stainless steel exterior and rigid frame work for stability in operation.

Some of our best products are explained below:

Labeller Machine, Sticker Labeling Machine

They include all labellers such as bottle labelers, top and side labelers ,double sided labelers self adhesive labelers wrap around and shrink sleeve applicators .They are strong , sturdy and efficient industrial workhorses able to apply labels to various types of packages at amazing speeds and accuracy. The models available cover all types of products in industry.

Filler Machine

The Filler machines include the viscous fillers, pickle fillers, peanut butter fillers, paint, light sauces, cosmetic filling machines, shampoo fillers, a range of powder fillers, granules fillers and even the new model glycerin filler. The equipments guarantee high filling accuracy resulting from advanced fluid dispensing systems, equipment stability and low vibration.

MMC Cap Lining     

The MMC cap lining machine is designed to punch round or different shaped wads/liners from a reel and place it into plastic/metal caps. The MMC cap lining machine can operate at speeds of 250 bottles per minute or higher depending on the models. The diameter of the caps can be changed depending on the need, and process all types of liners the market may require.

Capper Machine

Despite the challenging nature of the capping process, we have developed capping machines that address most of the capping requirements of industries. The machine places and tightens caps at speeds going up to 200 caps per minute with limited changes of parts. The capper machine is an economic solution to both small and large diameter caps for various container types.

Shrink Wrapping Machine

These are innovative equipments including box wrapping machines, bottle sleeve wrapping machines, automatic and semi automatic shrink wrapping machines ,L bar sealers and shrink wrapping machines for bottles, jars, tins, and many other package types. These machines are useful in packing and preserving many industrial products including foods, juices, pharmaceutical drugs, lubricants and many other products.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator

This equipment can apply sleeves to a wide range of containers for various packing processes. The production capacity ranges from 100 to 400 products per minute and the equipment can be used for tamper band application, mid body or multi pack shrink sleeve applications. The equipment is controlled through PLC control system for best operation.

Electric Shrink Tunnel

The machine is suitable for round and square bottles as well as canned products. There is a separate temperature control system. The shrink tunnel and the conveyor speeds are adjustable and the equipment is easily combined with the sleeve labeling system. The equipment power consumption ranges from 18 kw to 24 kw and very power efficient.

Shrink Tunnel for Bottle And Cup

The machine is robust in construction with an operating system that ensures uniform shrinkage of the sleeves. The tunnel is equipped with microprocessor based digital control systems for smooth and easy control. It is also equipped with a digital display and variable speed conveyor for better control. It also works well with PET bottles.

Stretch Wrapping

The stretch wrapping machine is designed for outside decoration of square boxes. It is widely applicable in various industries such as pharmaceutical and food industries as well as cosmetics. It is designed to handle even the toughest box wrapping conditions in industry. The machine can deliver high sealing strength and may be equipped with air cooling system.

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