Granule Filling Machine, Seed Filling Machine, Rice Filling Machine


These types of filling machines are used to fill granules, seeds, rice, tea, salt, pesticide etc.


The auto granule filling machines with linear automation is uniquely featured with container interchange ability with min. size parts, prompt change over, less down time and is good user friendly. There are several features which include:

  • The machine is available in single/multiple head versions for increasing filling capacity, with every additional head and multiple drop facility.
  • Vibrator with VFD is optional, which is used for granules compacting in the containers.
  • Line automation with SS conveyor, along with ‘stop-release’ line automation.
  • ‘No-Bottle-No-Fill Controls’ with a Microprocessor controlled control panel.

Optional Accessories

  • Turn-table,
  • Air jet/vacuum cleaning system,
  • UV tunnel,
  • Nitrogen flushing,
  • Plug pressing unit,
  • Dust extraction,
  • Vibrator can be integrated with the line.


  • 10 to 100 gms.
  • 50 to 250 gms.
  • 100 to 500 gms.
  • 250 gms. to 1 kg.
  • 450 gms. to 2.5 kgs.
  • Kg. to 10 Kgs.


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