Why Sleeve Type is considered a Mandatory Specification for Packing Mineral Water Containers?

Does Shrink Sleeve Materials meet all the Safety Demands?

Shrink sleeves are made of different components, such as PVC, polyethylene chloride, oriented polystyrene, etc however, these materials differ in their shrinking and heat resistant quality and compatibility with environment. As far as the above materials are concerned, they are found to be most efficient in shrinking capacity wherein, this feature of contracting keep the labelling process happen successfully. Among them PVC is the easiest component that can be handled easily while applying in a shrink sleeve applicator machine. However, other materials such as Ploylactide, or expanded polystyrene also are compatible the contracting begins only at 70 degree Celsius. Any material that is applied for shrinking process should withstand the heat thus their capacity is judged for usage. When it comes to PVC, or PLA or EPS, these are considered as flexible and safe to use as packaging films. Above all the high resistance to heat capacity of these materials used for shrinking act as insulators too. Hence, shrink sleeve components are considered the best, safe and cost effective packaging option.

Advantageous Aspects in Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Apart from the perspective of evaluating the properties of the labelling material, the application process has a big role to play. The heat resistant capacity of these film elements are taken into consideration for directly feeding into automatic mechanism called shrink sleeve applicator. It is a packaging apparatus that works in terms of automatic process wherein, the film that is fed into the conveyor where the material is sent to heating and shrinking region to produce thin sleeves. However, the type of sleeves produced varies in accordance with the label requirement for different industries and packaging containers. The shrink label applicator apparatus contracts the material into different forms such as plain, printed, and so on in a range of colours as per the industrial requirements. In addition, the printing can also be made of different types such as with flexible polymer plates or with digital print plates or gravure printing. Thus make the packaging process a supple one.

How does an Automatic Shrink Sleeve Machine Successfully Carries over the Labelling on Disposable Containers?

The art of labelling over fragile products is a bit complicated one. However, with the help of suitable label application equipments like contract film applicator apparatus, wherein the printing format can be chosen in terms of plain or horizontal or standard format of labelling. Packing disposable containers is strenuous process, as the one time use storage components are fragile in quality, and hence they need to stay resistant to heat during the label application. Based on the temperature applied to shrink the film material and the compatibility of the container material the accumulator model can be selected. In addition, an automatic or double shrink sleeve installing device can be preferred for wrapping disposable water bottles in a fast mode.  In addition, automatic devices for shrink label application reduce the risk of wastage also.


Shrink sleeve label application machine is one of the innovative and cost effective options for large production units.

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