Pricing Variations in Packaging Necessities

Conventional Packaging Methods and Respective Expenses

Traditional packing methods took more time for the process to complete. Starting from buying packaging materials to box up activities, pricing had been quiet high as there were no innovative machinery available in those days. Man power was considered biggest source to tackle the packing needs. With the arrival of new materials and equipments for wrapping, expenses spent on covering up products have come down considerably. When it comes to cost calculation in packaging durability flexibility, wrapping methods are some of the important factors which packaging industry people need to rely upon. Since manpower was the prime requirement to make over all sorts of wrapping and shipment process, cost of wrapping had been relatively higher. Moreover the expenses have to be shared for maintenance of the machinery used and damages caused during the shipment as wrapping materials did not contain suitable protective properties like sleeve materials of today.

The Excellence of Shrink Sleeve Materials

Shrink sleeve materials such as Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyproplyene Terephthalate Glycol are high density sleeve materials preferably applied for the heat, weather and scuff resistant properties. Moreover they are also recyclable materials; hence, considered as environmental friendly components as well as cost effective.  Expanded Polystyrene is a lighter density sleeve materials yet resistant to heat and supports for insulation. Apart from these flexible materials, thermoplastic material made from renewable resources such as polylactide is applied for loose packaging preference. Flexible films are produced by adding new components that stay cost effective, efficient as well as bio safe. Application of these materials with the help of suitable device is yet another way of reducing the cost of packaging. For example,

  • Shrink Sleeve Machine-Automated conveyor components are linked to wrap sleeve materials over the containers and again it gets heated to change into shrink form for flexible and durable box up.
  • Stretch wrapping machine-Applied to pack the product tightly with flexible covering sleeve material to obtain moisture and dust free capacity.
  • Bottle Shrink tunnel and cap lining machines are used for wrapping bottles and stamp out lining material disks from the capping ingredient respectively. Wherein, the cap lining equipment installs the disks in the caps at unbelievable speeds. This equipment can process up to 1200 caps per minute and the speed and capacity varies depending upon the cap dimension.

Cost Comparison of Traditional and New Packing Methods

Packing necessities which have been improvised through recent years with the inception of new machinery like shrink sleeve applicator, stretch covering apparatus, bottle shrink tunnel device and cap lining gadget and many more, the cost of packaging and subsequent risk of damages caused to the products can be reduced noticeably.Comparing with traditional packaging and shipping process where labour cost had to be managed in proportion with the packing and shipment process, the recent machinery for packing can be applied to reduce the cost of packing by 45% and increase the guarantee for protection of products during shipping by 36%. The texture of the box up components plays a key role in packaging industry as chances of damages are likely to happen during shipment. These shrink sleeve materials and devices applied for wrapping are highly reliable options to rely on increased safety of the products while on shipment.


Shrink sleeve materials and its functionality with wide range of machinery have transformed the pre-requisites in packaging industries. Hence, the cost variation is also found to be relatively cheaper than conventional wrapping methods.

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