CHM-6030A auto sleeve wrapper is largely used as heat wrapping of soap, stationery, etc. This machine can be accomplished with shrink packaging machine to get the desired shrink and wrapping solution. PE and PVC film is used for wrapping.


  • Auto Sleeve type Sealer has auto feeding, pushing and sealing function. It also can connect to the shrink packaging machine.
  • Auto Sleeve type Sealer is designed according to product’s size, shape and material. The convey styles are divided into straight type path and 90 degrees turning.
  • Auto Sleeve type Sealer can be used independently or cooperate with the automatic production line.
  • Auto PE/PVC film packing/ shrinking machine.
  • PLC control system. Auto Sleeve type Sealer can increase the production and it is available for computerized production line.


Model CHM-6030A CHM-8040A
Power Supply 1φ/3φ, 220V/240V 1φ/3φ,220V/240V
Watts 1.8 KW 2.0 KW
Sealing size W =600 x H =300mm W =800 x H =400mm
Conveyor speed 12M 12M
Conveyor width 300 mm 400 mm
Machine size L=2100 x W=1500 x H=2000mm L=2200 x W=1600 x H=2100mm
Air compressor 1 HP 1 HP


90 degrees turning


Sanitary facility, Boxed large items, Toys Foods, Chair parts, electric appliance, bicycle parts, Hardware, etc
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