Our sleeve sealer – 6030 machine is best known for its reliability and simplicity. This machine is used for packaging of all types of round shape, square shape, flap shape, etc. with or without tray. To get the ultimate wrapping solution sleeve sealer can be accomplished with shrink packaging machine.


  • Every shape of products can be packed perfectly.
  • The packing size is easily to be adjusted, easy operation and high production efficiency.
  • Sleeve Sealer is light, save space and convenient.


Model CHM-6030 CHM-8040
Power Supply 1φ/3φ, 220V/240V 1φ/3φ,220V/240V
Watts 1.8 KW 2.0 KW
Sealing size W =600 x H =300mm W =800 x H =400mm
Conveyor speed 10M 10M
Conveyor width 700mm 900mm
Air compressor 1 HP 1 HP
Machine size L =1500 x W =1100 x H =2000mm L =1600 x W =1300 x H =2100mm
For square shape, round shape, flap shape products, and all kinds of necessary.
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