Resolving the Challenges Faced in Packing Milk Products

Delicacy of Lactic Products

Delicacy of Lactic Products

Lactic acid is an important ingredient present in much food stuff. Especially, milk and milk related products contain good level of lactic acid. It is preferred for its pH regulatory capacity and natural formation property. However, preserving food items that naturally contains lactic acid is something the has challenging issues. When it comes to packaging milk and milk products, the presence of lactic acid makes the products react with acid content. It is one of the main reasons for which milk and related products are processed and packed under scrutinized methods.

Different Forms of Milk Products that Needs Smart Packaging Solution

Different Forms of Milk Products that Needs Smart Packaging Solution

Usually speaking, milk products such as heat treated milk, yogurt, butter, milk based beverages, cheese; etc has to be preserved under regulatory conditions in order to maintain the shelf life of these products. Especially, milk in liquid form needs more regulatory measures to be followed. The concept of heat treated milk has been the top preference of milk industries which believe this method to be a reliable one for extending the shelf life of liquid milk. Apart from choosing the compatible form of containers, cleaning the containers from getting disinfected by external sources also need to be taken care of and then follows the part of storage under suitable temperature.

Resolving Critical Issues of Milk Product’s Packaging

As far as extending shelf life of the milk products, it is about processing the product and packing properly so that external factors might not interact with the product. A complete mechanical process of packing will be the ideal one for packing or filling milk products. Especially, packing milk in liquid form will remain safe if it is done through mechanical process. Special kind of filling machineries is designed to solve this issue, such as Milk Filling Equipment.

Milk Filling Machine-How does it support Filling regulations?

Filling machine

Filling machine for milk and milk based drinks is an ideal device for handling varieties of products like beverages, liquid milk, etc. It has been designed for packing in bottles, jars and other forms of containers. It works on volumetric filing principle.

Sealing Regulations and Linking Sealing Device

Milk is a fragile ingredient that gets easily disinfected by external sources and environmental factors. Hence, next to filling, the need for sealing becomes a mandatory requirement. Automatic sealing machines will remain the perfect choice for closing milk stuffed containers. This can be added to the existing stuffing equipment so that, filling and sealing takes place spontaneously. Automatic sealing equipment is a versatile choice to speed up packaging, increase production and at the same time maintain the safety and hygiene of the product.

Buying Filling and Sealing Equipments from One Place

Multipack Machinery is a well known manufacturer and supplier of automatic packaging and sealing machines. Our range of machines suits best for secondary packaging requirements. We design exclusive types of liquid filling equipments to handle varieties of products like milk, cosmetics, chemicals, oil, etc. Our milk filling machine can be used for handling different shapes of containers and we also provide suitable automatic sealing component that can be linked to the filling equipment.


Milk products are prone to get disinfected hence, it has to be sealed immediately after filling. Therefore, industries that processes milk products, buying filling equipment with sealing device is the best way to process safe and hygienic milk product.

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