PE Shrink Tunnel


PE Shrink tunnel is equipped with fully re-circulating air chamber and discharge end cooling fans. This shrink tunnels are designed in stainless steel with the 1/4 HP blower motors, heating circulating type, silicon fibre tube on the conveyor rods and dead roller conveyor system for all types of shrinkable films. Like other shrink tunnels, this also can be integrated with L-Sealer machines or overwrapping machines for wrapping improvement.


  • PE Shrink Packaging Machine adopts heat circulating type tunnel, temperature averagely spread. Special design and high in safety.
  • The cooling equipment is installed in the exit of shrink packaging machine in order to accomplish the perfect shrinking effect.
  • There are two conveyor models to choice—roller type and net type, suitable for big and small products.
  • Special designed for PE film packaging.
  • Auto temperature control can be adjusted for desired temperature.
  • The conveyor speed of PE Shrink Packaging Machine is adjustable.


Model CN-4530E CN-6530E CN-8540E
Power Supply 3φ,220V/380V 3φ,220V/380V 3φ,220V/380V
Power consumption 18 KW 24 KW 36 KW
Tunnel size L=1500xW=450xH=300mm L=1800xW=650xH=300mm L=2000xW=850xH=400mm
Conveyor speed 2~8 M / min 2~8 M / min 2~8 M / min
Conveyor size L=2400xW=450x760mm L=3000xW=650x760mm L=3000xW =850x760mm
Machine size L=2400xW=790xH=1300mm L=3000xW=970xH=1400mm L=3000xW=1170xH=1500mm


  • Teflon Mesh Belt or Stainless Mesh
  • Hi-Density Rollers
  • Custom Paint
  • Digital temperature control
  • High temperature silica gel tube


Food, Fruits, Salty Foods, Toys Stationery, Drugs, Electronic Products, Cosmetics, Books, Videos, CDs, Hardware parts, and accessories, and all kinds of necessary.
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