Electric Shrink Tunnel


Hot air temperature tunnel of this electric shrink tunnel is built using the finest materials and parts made in stainless steel. It gives best shrink results while combining with auto shrink sleeve machine. The height of tunnel can be adjusted manually and used to install or add to any production line for bottles.

Electric Shrink Tunnel machine is suitable for round and square bottles as well as canned products. There is a separate temperature control system. The shrink tunnel and the conveyor speeds are adjustable and the equipment is easily combined with the sleeve labeling system. The equipment power consumption ranges from 18 kw to 24 kw and very power efficient.


  • High Speed Shrink Packaging Machine is suitable for the round bottle, square bottle and canned products use.
  • The heat shrink tunnel temperature is controlled separate. It can be adjusted the amount of air and shrink position.
  • Conveyor is made by stainless steel. The conveyor speed is for highly stable and smooth.
  • Heat shrink tunnel height is adjustable. Conveyor speed is adjustable.
  • Heat shrink tunnel can be combined with the sleeve labeling system or auto production process.


Model CN-1600KC CN-2000KC
Power Supply 3φ ,220V/380V/440V 3φ ,220V/380V/440V
Power consumption 18.8 KW 24 KW
Tunnel size L =1600 x W =160 x H=400mm L=2000 x W=160 x H=400mm
Conveyor speed 0-20M/min 0-20M/min
Conveyor size L =4000 x W =150 x H =800mm L =4000 x W =150 x H =800mm
Machine size L =1600 x W =1000 x H =2000mm L =2000 x W =1000 x H =2000mm


  • Digital display temperature controller designed with SCR constant temperature device
  • Stainless steel heat insulation panel features safe
  • Stainless conveyor


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Circle bottle, square bottle, canned products and all kinds of necessary
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