Important features of Box Strapping Machine & Carton Sealing Machine

Why It Needs Strapping & Sealing of Products?

Manufactured products, whether they are consumer products, machinery products or any other products need professional packaging to be delivered at retail or wholesale store and distribution center. The product packaging keeps your goods safe with secure delivery at destinations. Box strapping machine and carton sealing machine are the important packaging machineries for any bulk production industry to pack the individual or bulk boxes in most safe way. The good strapping and sealing of products define them more attractive to the buyer and they ensure that the in-build product is provided in good condition from the seller. It increases the goodwill of manufacturing and marketing company. Strapped and sealed carton or box gives competitive edge to your product above others.

Strapping machine is used to strap the boxes and containers together to be delivered at remote locations. The aim is to protect the inside material and prevent them to come out of the box that can cause damage or breakage to the delicate parts of items or products.

Automatic Box Strapping Machine

Automatic box strapping machine is the machine that bind the boxes and cartons with bands, metal straps or wire at a regular interval based on the types of boxes that can be sealed with utmost care to protect the goods.


  • There are various types of box strapping machines manufactured and sold in the market as per the standard and custom requirements.
  • The machine is inbuilt with variety of features that can adjust the tape tension, crank handle, leg height etc, with ease.
  • The machine is equipped with roller working table, programmable heads and electronic controls that increase the work efficiency and maneuverability of the automatic strapping machine.
  • The machine is available in various sizes as per the available space with you for installation.
  • Most of the strapping models available in the market are very easy to operate with low maintenance cost.

Carton Sealing Machine

The machine is also known as carton sealer machine and same packaging line machinery of box strapping machine. Box strapping machine use the strap for fit binding, whereas sealer machine use the adhesive sealing tap to seal the boxes or carton. The carton sealing machinery is available in fully automatic or semi-automatic mode to work with top and bottom drive.

How Carton Sealing Machine Works?

In fully automatic operation, the machine uses its top and bottom drive to seal the carton with the center line. Then the carton was degree moved for “H” seal through the drive. The machine can be configured for various features as per constructed by the manufacturer like the height and width of sealer machine can be adjustable and applicable to most of the carton sizes.

The information given by Multi Pack Machinery Company in this article will be helpful to you in understanding the functions of these two machineries and that can be the useful features that one needs to go through while opting any of the packaging machineries.

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