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Importance of Secondary Packaging Machines

Secondary packaging machines have an important role to play in industrial packaging processes. All of us know that packaging is no doubt one of the most important processes performed after manufacturing of the products at industries. Packaging gives protection to the materials and therefore ensures that the quality and also quantity of product sustains at time of delivery. There are usually two types of packaging processes adopted at the industries for packaging – primary packaging and secondary packaging. Primary packaging is the initial packing with which the products or materials manufactured are enclosed in. This packing is nearer to the contents. On the other hand secondary packaging encloses the primary packaging and is usually done for protection of both product and primary packaging and many a times even for the purpose of branding of products. The secondary packaging serves to group several products together for ease of handling, transport and storage Machines used for this kind of packaging are known as secondary packaging machines and are hence are very important devices at the places where manufacturing products export is the application. The secondary packaging machines perform the task of packaging the products along with their primary packing with plastic films, boxes or various other packaging materials.

There are different kinds of secondary packaging machinery available in the market today. Among the widely used kinds are – carton sealers, label applicator machine, shrink sleeve applicator machine, jar or cup rinsing, filling and sealing machine, stretch wrapping machines, conveyors, cap lining machine, container sealing & cutting machines etc.

Carton Sealer or Carton Sealing Machine

Cartons are the most common materials used for secondary packaging of products. These are usually made of cardboard pr plastics and widely used for packing products like food stuffs, drinks etc. The carton boxes need to be sealed with tapes or other kinds of reliable gluing products to ensure that they do not open at the time of carrying or transfer. This carton sealing process takes time if done manually which will not be a reliable method for industrial bulk packaging needs. Therefore special carton sealer machines are employed at the industries for sealing of cartons. Today the carton sealing machines have got the best features like automatic height adjustment, uneven carton adjustment to automatically fix the position of carton, top and bottom motor drive system which ensures sealing for any type of carton like narrow carton, high carton etc, sealing height and width expandable features, user friendly and simple adjustment features to obtain the best working results.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator and Label Applicator Machines

Products are labeled for unique identity and branding needs. Different kinds of labeling are done like wrap around labeling, top & bottom labeling, shrink sleeve labeling etc. To perform these tasks, label applicator machines are used. Different kinds of labeling machines are available today depending on the product to be labeled, type of label and what kind of labeling is to be performed. There are labeling machines for bottles, round containers, jars and vials, machines for top and bottom labeling, wrap around labelers, BOPP label applicator machines, OPP label applicator machines, shrink sleeve label applicators for shrink packing, plastic film packing etc.

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This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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