How Packaging Machines from Multipack Will Help to Sell Your Products

Recent research has concluded that the appearance of a product has a great effect on its perception. According to experimental research carried out in America, on how the brain integrates information from the five human senses to produce a coherent impression of reality. Multipack packaging equipments have been developed and designed to cover virtually any type of packaging process in industry.
In a recently published newspaper article in the United States, it quoted “coffee tastes less sweet in a white mug” and a “chip tastes fresher when the crunch is louder”, this research serves to concretize the theory that advertising and marketing organizations have proposed for years and years. This is the concept that product packaging immensely contributes to the sales of a product. The time has come for your organization to re evaluate the how your product packaging has affected your sales.

Shrink Sleeving Technology
The shrink sleeving machines from multipack company yields high resolution images on plastic and various products that can neatly wrap virtually any shape. These include beverages, cleaning products, food products, pill bottles, and many other types of products in the market.
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These machines have automated operation systems that create an ultra efficient packaging process, capable of handling over 1000 containers per minute depending on the different types of products being packaged. According to “Vance Packard” a marketing pioneer from the 20th century , achieving sophisticated packaging ends up in a box that when a shopper picks it up and looks at it, the packaging gives a soft sales talk that stresses the brand name and an appearance of excellence”. This level of perfection is what has been achieved by the equipment from multipack packaging equipments.

Filling Machines
The vial filling machines, induction cap sealing machines and shrink sleeve applicators have become very popular in today’s manufacturing processes. With the right combinations of colors, design and imagery, you may even be able to conduct a product re launch. The multipack high capacity machines are able to cope with changing product designs and demand levels.

Sealing Machines
The induction cap sealing machine is a special innovation that gives a sealing flexibility ranging from 20mm to 120mm diameter caps without a lot of changes in calibration requirements. The equipments control system is very easy to study and implement and has custom designed sealing heads for specific applications. The cap sealing equipment is also easily movable between stations allowing it to be easily positioned at different points as the need arises.

The shrink sleeving process, induction cap sealing processes have a big impact on the product sales and marketing. Multipack machine manufactures therefore work very closely with the end customer to ensure successful process implementation. The technical team is always ready and willing to support users and clients to ensure the best results are obtained. The equipments user interphase is also designed to be user friendly and reduced maintenance requirements.

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