Hot Melt Label Applicator, Induction Wad Inserting Machine, Roller Conveyor

Filling & packaging machineries are highly demanded product packaging equipments now days for transporting and maintaining the well packed products in effective way, which is quite possible with modern technology and packaging machineries evaluations. Few of the widely used packaging machineries features and functions are explained as below.

Hot Melt Label Applicator

The high end labelling machine for round bottle is known as hot melt label applicator. This automatic machine is high speed labeller with photo sensors to check the final labelling result. This label applicator is available in semi-automatic as well fully automatic mode. Fully automatic hot melt label applicator is more preferable for bulk production and to maintain high level of hygiene during the production. The label applicator is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and beverages, cosmetics, oil and pesticides industries for packaging. There are various models from different packaging machineries manufacturing companies are available in the market for industry based specific labeling applications. These machines are very user friendly with real time monitoring system. The machine is categorized based on some of the parameters and features like belt speed, measure level of high speed digital sensor, air jet or pusher rejection etc.

Induction Wad Inserting Machine

Induction wad inserting machine is also known as cap lining machine. The machine is used to insert the liner into the bottle cap and remove the handwork labor. The wad inserting to the cap is very much important where it needs the high level of product preservation. The liner prevents the product contamination and keeps the product fresh, sterile and pollution free for long period. The alarm and electronic control system is very much useful to make the operation user friendly, smooth and automatic without more human intervention to keep the product clean and contamination free. This machine is used in medicines & health care productions, household chemicals and food industries.

L Type Sealer & Roller Conveyor

L type sealer is used for sealing and shrinking with shrink tunnel. The machine is used for various packaging operations like preparing, wrapping, cutting, sealing and shrinking. There are various types of l type sealing machine is available as per the industrial need. The machine is even custom manufactured as per the industry specific applications. Few of the well known l type sealers are impulse sealer, l sealer and manual l sealer.  Roller conveyor is the roller belt to convey material from one place to another in very much systematic way to delivery raw as well furnished goods to their next destination for processing. There are two types of roller conveyors – one is gravity roller conveyor and second is powdered roller conveyor. Gravity roller conveyor is used to shift flat bottom surfaced material based on the gravity principal. Powder roller conveyor is used to move the goods vertically as well horizontally. This technically advanced roller conveyors are the best way to transport the boxes, packed containers and other heavy materials from one place to another in factories and production units.

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