BOPP/OPP Hot Melt Label Applicator

Product overview

  • BOPP/OPP hot melt label applicator contains AC 3 Phase invertor, CPU cotrolled system.
  • Body is manufactured with stainless steel, aluminium alloy and square steel tubes.
  • High –torque (100 LBS) clutch brake assembly that increases the durability of BOPP/OPP hot melt label applicator. Stable and smooth execution with high speed performance is carried out with structure of square welded tubes and steel beams. Central lubricating system is used for simple and effortless maintenance, lubrication and cleaning.
  • Photo sensors are used to detect label output and automatically self-regulated production speed for integrating production line is used with other machines.
  • Emergency stop safety device is used to disable the machine when it founds an abnormality.
  • Automatic tension control.


  • Friendly operation interface with big size touch screen
  • Various information real time display.
  • 3 operation levels
  • Historical data recell & statistics
  • Light frame design
  • Waterproof design.
  • Based on extremely high speed loadcell.
  • 9 weight zones configuration
  • Database technology
  • Network connection
  • Conveyors easy to remove & clean


Specifications CWC – 85FS
Measurement High Speed Digital Sensor
Rejection Air Jet / Pusher
Operation Big Touch Screen With Human Machine Interface
Alarm Buzzer & Lamp
Belt Speed Max. 120m/ min
Power Supply AC 110V / 220V 50-60 HZ
Rated Output Appr. 200w
Dimension 737 mm (L)* 460 mm (W) * 1181 + 100 mm (H)
Weight 50 kg
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