Tube Filling & Sealing Machine – Tube Filler & Sealer


Multi Pack machinery is a leading manufacturer of Tube Filling Machine also known as tube filler-sealing machine used in filling various materials like tooth-paste, ointment, gel, cream, grease and sauce etc.


Important Features

  • Very easy to operate
  • It contains one rotating disc and interchangeable tube holding sockets of different tubes size.
  • Empty tubes need to be feed manually.
  • Rest all process like filling, coding and ejection, closing etc are automatic

Sailent Features

  • Design confirms to GMP Norms.
  • Contact parts of SS 316.
  • All operation is fully automatic.
  • Sturdy & compact design.
  • Tube holders of Nylons.
  • Relay Electrical Control Systems.
  • Operating panel with START, STOP & INCH.
  • 23 liters container acid proof.
  • No tube No fill mechanism.
  • Blow off for connection to local comp. air supply.
  • Motor for variable speed.
  • Auto Loader of Tubes.
  • Hinged Cassette Tube in feed system.
  • All moving parts are guarded and enclosed.
  • Photo-Electric Print Registration.
  • Protection Guards.
  • One set of tools.
  • One set of first aid spares.


  • Stirrer in S.S. hopper
  • Jacketed SS hopper, having heat control arrangement with thermostat to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Attachment for cleaning of tubes by vacuum system.
  • Complete extra pump unit in Stainless Steel.
  • Acid proof with pipe connection
  • Heater & Temp. Controller.
  • Set of Tube holder for diff. dia of tube.
  • Vacuum Cleaning Device by compressed air supply.


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