Private Label Bottle Filling, Labeling & Packaging – A Rising Trend for Industrial Growth


•    Brief about Private Label Bottle Filling, Labeling & Packaging Solutions
•    Industries in which it is most popular
•    Product range & bestselling
•    Changing Trends & Growth in Market (case study)
•    Bottom Line

Know how about Private Label Packaging
Private labels are those products which are manufactured by a company & another company can opt to make it their brand or label. Private label good & services are very popularly spread across different industries. Over a decade, they were positioned as lower-cost alternatives to regional, national & international brands. Although in recent times private label brands have been positioned well just like other brands & have become quite popular. Nowadays, it has become most preferred products in super-markets. Hence, also giving tuff competition to brands on the shelf.

Private Label Bottle Filling, Labeling & Packaging

Industries popular in:
Global private label- labeling, bottle filling &  packaging industry has rapidly grown. There are many industries in which private label products & packaging are been utilized. To name a few focused industries like cosmetics, food, beverages, canned food, instant food products range, fashion clothing, fashion accessories, raw ingredients fragrances, home decor, salts & seals, hospitality.

Popular products:
There are many products which with changing time Private Label Shrink Sleeving became quite popular and to name few are some best-selling on the list such as Bloody Mary Mixes, Sauces, Pulps, garlic-ginger Paste pouches, flavored Syrup, Engine Oils, Confectioneries, toothpaste, creams, lotions, hair-oils, Coffee Creamers, Coffee Syrup, Candle Jars, tubes and blending, Drink Mixes, Pancake Syrups, Hot Cocoa, Mouthwash and Cappuccino Mixes various types of Herbs in pouches jars and composite cans, etc…

Changing Trends & Growth: Case Study
The private label packaging, filling & labeling companies have grown exponentially in the past 5 years and shown also that Indian private label & have been into tuff competition with international companies. Although that market share surely showed a great inclination towards Indian private label and mostly towards private label bottle labelling & private label- water bottle suppliers were most admired. However, this private label market is quite tricky and has lots of diversity across the product categories or international market.

For eg: Private label water bottles are top product in private label- labelling industries which has shown extra-ordinary market performance  and demands has literally shoted up high as per the buyer behavior analytics.

Bottom Line:
Many factors have played role in the changing trends and rising numbers in private label manufacturers industry and packaging & labelling industry but now it seems there no looking back for Indian manufacturers like Multipack Machine.

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