Gear Pump Filling Machine


Gear pump filling equipment is exclusively designed to fill different types of liquid such as diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil, cacao butter, vegetable fats, animal food, acid, soap, and many more products. It is perfect filling machine applicable in wide range of industries which has requisites for filling liquid products.

Hand sanitizer gel filling machine & Hand Rub Filling Machine , Hand sanitizer filling equipment and machines for both gel-based,   Ethyl Alcohol and water-based hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial hand soaps. With options for full or semi-automated workflows, we assist production facilities with the right equipment for a range of filling needs , filling volume 30 ml , 50ml, 100 ml,  200ml, 500ml, 1000ml, and 1 Ltr, 2 Lter , 5 Liters, 10 Liter, 20 Liter and 30 Liter bulk hand sanitizer filling machine & Line including filling , capper , induction , labellers and final packing to box , BOPP taping and conveyor systems.

MULTI PACK Hand Sanitizer liquid filling machines are specially designed to meets the changing need of the Hand Sanitizers industry.  Multipack is manufacture the ideal machineries to handle your Hand Sanitizer bottle filling needs and meet your productions goals.

Generally used in

  • In Petrochemical industry it is compatible to fill petroleum related products like diesel oil, lube oil, crude oil, etc
  • In Chemical industry gear pump filling machine is used to fill products like sodium silicate, acids, mixed chemicals, etc
  • It is also used to fill paint and ink, raisins and adhesives, pulp and paper as well
  • Food industry also benefits a lot with this filling equipment and it is used to fill cacao butter, sugar, vegetable fats, molasses, etc

The suction and pressure ports have been designed to interface with gear mesh and some of the internal gear pumps are equipped with extra crescent shaped seal.

Pump formulas

  • Flow rate in US gal/min=Fluid Density X Pump Capacity X rpm
  • Power in hp=US gal/min X (lbf/in3) 1714

Multi-pack Gear pump filling machine

  • Our gear pump filling machine is designed with inline filling system to obtain high viscosity in filling performance
  • It can fill 2000 to 12,000 bottles per hour
  • We have different models of gear pump filling machines customized for different industries
  • The user can obtain viscosity to nearly 5000 cps
  • This equipment is made of SS 316L stainless steel construction
  • We can customize filling volume ranging from 50 to 1000 ml
  • The user can obtain fast change over time and can feel easy maintenance also
  • It is equipped with silicone tube FDA 1772600
  • It can accommodate 50 types of filling job recipe system
  • If the bottle position is changes no filling will take place
  • It is absolutely made in India using all Indian made components
  • It is designed as per CGMP, Pic/s and GAMP5 requisites


Gear pump SUS316L 2 head to 24 head
Shot off Nozzle SUS316L 2 head to 24 head
Capacity 2000~12000bph
Range of filling volume 50-1000ml
Machine work high (Conveyor) 900-950mm.
Compressed air NL200/min. at 5bar
Power consumption 3.5KW
Power source AC220V,50/60Hz, single phase
Machine Weight Approx. 1000Kgs
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