What are the Significant Features that Help Protecting the Product with Shrink Sleeve Applicator?

Shrink Sleeve Labelling - Steam Type

The need for Safety and Protection in Packaging

  • Packaging requisites differ widely for different products.
  • Important products like pharmaceuticals and food items have to be packed with all protection and safety measures to prevent contamination of the product inside.

Machinery for Labelling

  • With the advent of computerized designing many machines have been designed to make the packing and labelling process easy.
  • Specific and embedded machine are also available to make the packing and labelling in single device.

Find out the significance of Shrink Sleeve Applicator

  • Shrink sleeve applicator is a labelling machine that works over shrink technology.
  • They can be relied upon for durable usage and speedy labelling process.

What Keeps Shrink Sleeve Machines from Multipack a special option?

  • Shrink Sleeve Applicator from Multipack is known for its high speed performance.
  • The machine has been designed in such a way that it label by modifying its label application process in accordance with the shape of the material that needs to be labelled.


When it comes to packaging, the process of labelling plays a key role because it is only with labels that products are better protected and identified. automatic shrink sleeve applicator machine is a suitable device that can be used for safe packing requirements for industries like medicines, beverages, milk, food products, etc.

This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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