Vial Filling Machine, Vials Stopping Machine


Applications of Vial filling machines made in compliance with GMP guidelines

  • To fill vials/bottles with liquids, viscous material and suspensions
  • Fills injectable liquid into glass vials

Vial/liquid filling machine is highly demanded in Pharmaceutical Industry

Vial fillers includes-

  • Vial stopping unit at the dosing station made of sectioned star wheel that is equipped with an electro-mechanical stopping device.
  • Vials moving unit made of a conveyor belt & pick up feeding screw for bunging operations.
  • Dosing unit constructed with a support of stainless steel rotary piston syringes is placed.
  • Bungs feeding unit made up of a vibrating feeding bowl, one feeding chute and one separating star-wheel.
  • Parts replacement in minimum time and easy process to accept different sizes of vials.
  • The machine controls with Programmable Logic, Controller/optional through electrical interlocks.

We manufacture custom heavy duty spindle to cater the needs of customers in various lifts integrated with HZ-30, HZ-44, HZ-55, HZ-68, and HZ-77 inserts depends upon application.


  • Vial filling machine is a high technology machine.
  • It allows for bottom-up filling of vials with additional features like ‘no-vial-no fill’ capability.
  • Almost similar to the working of tube filling machines.
  • No vial goes to the next section without being filled.
  • The sensors reject the vials not filled.
  • Check weight feature enables to maintain consistency in the weight of vials.
  • Accommodate rapid size changes and can be applied to fill vials with liquids/powder.
  • The machine output is based on the processes and the technology used in machine.

Uses of Vial Filling Machines

  • These machines are ideal for cGMP Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, and Healthcare industry.
  • They are applicable in both sterile and non-sterile applications.
  • They are also suited  for filling & stoppering liquid fill vials for added flexibility.


  • Output
  • Rated speed (8H) : 290 to 310 Vials/minute
  • Rated speed (6H) : 190 to 210 Vials/minute
  • Rated speed (4H) : 120 to 15
  • Speed Range : Infinitely variable Automatic speed selection depending on vial feed by AC inverter.
  • Electrical Energy
  • Installed Power 1 HP
  • Line Voltage 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.

What is a Vial ?

A vial is a small sized glass vessel or bottle, used for storing medication like liquids, powders or capsules.

Vial Filling Process

The vial filling machine process as below steps

  • An intake section that loads the vials.
  • Then vials are transferred through an intermittent transport section.
  • Liquid filling section that will fill the vials with predetermined quantity of liquid/viscous material.
  • Finally the filled vials are released and discharged from the machine outlet.


Pharmaceutical, Ophthalmic, Biotech, Animal health and related industrie
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