Types of L Sealer

Types of L Sealer

L sealer is called so because of its shape. An L sealing machine has a configuration resembling shape of letter “L”. This is a popular variant of packaging machines used for wrapping and sealing of products to ensure that the products are transported or stored without damages from external conditions. One of the best things about this machine is the speed achieved in the sealing process. An L type sealing machine works very fast and seals the products in just a single pass. It incorporates an L shaped sealer bar which cuts the film outside shape of a package. It trims and seals the film with each down stroke or cycle of the sealing bar. An L bar sealer comes in a variety of sizes and configurations for customized and easy operation. Some of the important variants of this machine widely found in manufacturing industries are as follows

Manual L Sealer

Manual type L sealer is a traditional and basic variant of L sealer machine. In this machine most of the tasks need to be operated manually. It is comparatively cheaper than automated versions of the L sealing machines. For workshops or production units where production is low manual L sealer machines are the best alternatives to cash in for an efficient sealing process. These machines are generally equipped with shrink tunnels for higher working capacities.

Automatic L Sealer Machine

An automatic L sealer ensures faster and efficient sealing process with less labor. An automatic L type sealer normally comes with a configuration and options which ensure a fully automatic operation of the machine without need of manual efforts as in a manual L sealing machine. This machine is equipped with auto film feeding & perforating device, adjustable product in feed conveying table in order to meet different requirements from different products.

Impulse Sealer

An impulse sealer machine heat-seals objects by thermal conduction process. Here a high current on impulse is passed to the ribbon on the surface of the heat sealing blades of the machine. This current generates heat which enables thermal sealing. The section to be sealed is placed between the heat sealing blades, pressed and thermal-fused when current and heat are delivered on impulse through the heater ribbon. After the current stops the seal remains under pressure to cool and to give it a clean finish. Two types of impulse sealer machines are widely used in industries today – hand impulse sealer and desktop impulse sealing machines. Both of them enable efficient sealing process and are used by different manufacturing industries as per their requirements. Impulse sealers also come in electro- magnetic designs. They do not require any air compressor for the process and are generally easy to use machines whose height and width can be easily adjusted as per product size. An impulse sealing machine can greatly enhance the value of your product by protecting it against dirt, dust, moisture and mishandling.

L Sealing & Shrink Packaging Machine

An L sealing & shrink packaging machine is a device that combines the functionality of both a sealing device and a shrinking device. The product is initially wrapped and sealed with a plastic film and then sent into shrink packaging machine to achieve body perfect wrap around shrink sealing which is not only attractive in appearance but also a good protecting shield which protects product from external harmful environmental factors.

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