Trends in Sticker Labeling Equipment for Bottle & Ampoule in Year 2017

The main aim and direction of product labeling is to grab and maintain the consumer’s interest. When the product label cannot attract the buyers there is need to re-design and develop new labels. With this understanding, there has been need for sticker labeling machine manufacturers to develop and advance in tandem with these new demands in product labeling.

Versions and Variations in Sticker Designs

According to experts, there is an increasing demand for packaging, personalization and customization of products through packaging designs. Major products brands are designing labels that create an emotional and personal connection with their consumers. This has necessitated a complete redesigning of the product label, and changes in the application equipment needed.

Need To Enhance the Shelf Appeal

Advancements in sticker labeling machines coupled with the need to create a special connection between product and user has led to the development of ultra clear films that disappear on the bottle to result in a clear label appearance. These labels are applied with high clarity adhesives to guarantee transparency and exceptional performance. The use of pressure sensitive labeling machines that enable better placement and consistency of stickers has made the use of clear bottle labels a reality. This has well enhanced the shelf appeal and better marketing of products.

Sticker Labeling Equipment for Bottle & Ampoule

Advancements in Labeling Systems

High volume label application machines have become an industry requirement, to meet consumer demands while maintaining the attractive and informative requirements of the products. In operation, labeling is done when the products are still on the conveyors.

The bottle sticker labeling machines are equipped with sensors that detect presence of the bottle and trigger the application mechanism. The application machine operates in a synchronized process with all components working in a predetermined sequence. Some of the advanced features of sticker labeling machines include the feeding system, roll winding system and the dispensing mechanism.

 The operation speeds of the equipment can be varied depending on the production speed required. The sticker labeling machines are also equipped with label-size detection systems that eliminate the need to recalibrate the machine when changing to different types of labels.

Recent Developments  

Recent labeling machines including the ampoule sticker labeling machines are able to handle front and back applications, bottom, top as well as crescent shaped labels.  These equipments have other integrated functions such as thermal print systems, bar coding systems, laser coding systems as well as hot stamp application systems that enable the products meet the demands of the market.


The label plays a major role in branding and marketing of the product. Current efforts in labeling are aimed at generating and maintaining consumer’s interest.  Consumers are also interested in getting as much information as possible from the product label. These concerns have contributed to the changes in development of sticker labeling machines. The equipment throughput has also been a driver of innovation among label applicator machines. New and advanced equipments have incorporated other functions such as bar coding mechanisms and thermal printing systems in an effort to meet all the market requirements.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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