Top sheet dispenser is used to apply a poly sheet on the top side of a load that provides anti-water function loads. The stretch wrapping process can be accomplished with automatic stretch wrapper.


  • The top sheet is subsequently wrapped with stretch film to secure it in place. The top sheet film is unrolled, cut to size, and applied to the load automatically by the top sheet dispenser. The top of the pallet is covered with a sheet of polyethylene film. At last, the downward wrapping is completed.
  • Choose the length of top sheet film automatically.
  • Top Sheet Dispenser machine can match with the stretch wrapping machine that is applied to automatic production line.


Model CHY-1800
Power supply 3φ, 220V/380V, 50/60HZ
Power consumption 3000 KW
Wrapping height 1000~2500mm
Top sheet L=1800mm, D=350mm
Air compressor 5 KG/cm2
Machine size L =2600 x W =2650 x H =3185 mm


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