Heating shrink wrapping machine – Shrink bottle Wrapping Machine

Technical Details

  • Facility type:MMC-150C type
  • Packaging article max size: L *W *H mm
  • Shrinkage film material: PE、PVC、POF
  • Shrink membrane thickness: 70~90um
  • Per minute max capacity: 20bag (can limitless speed adjust)
  • Power supply max load relied: heating case 48kw/220v
  • (while temperature power is 48KW, working temperature keeping section power is 24kw);
  • mechanism part power is 10KW);
  • Machine usage compressor air pressure: 0.4~7Mpa;max gas consumption quantity is:
  • 25NM3/min
  • Conveyor belt max width: 600mm,height is: 1120~1185(mm)(can adjust)
  • Pressure requirement: 380/220V

Product Description

  • Appearance concision、beauty,fracture novel、unique,convenient to maintain;
  • Big screen, manipulation interface LCD Chinese and English display;
  • Pneumatic expand support membrane roller, membrane change is quick, membrane change just need two minute;
  • Membrane tension transport, even and plat, film cutting controlling is precision, cut is tidy;
  • Super servo controlling technology can keep each fracture precision in-phase, transmission is reliably;
  • Heating case fracture is reasonable、heat insulation and warm keeping,temperature controlling precision is highly.
  • Match German Lenz、German P+F、Taiwan AirTac、Italy Motuoliao ect international most advanced controlling component, device is fine, working condition is steadily.
  • Mechanism drive part adopt to heating treatment stainless steel or medium carbon steel ect material; surface spray coating quality is fine; whole machine anti-rust character is very highly;
  • While all the electricity、pneumatic controlling accord with latest international applied criterion (CE criterion)
  • While electricity cut, set manpower rotary conveyor belt device, easy to move heating tunnel inside product outside;

Mechanism Character

Our company produce MMC-200A series heating shrink wrapping machine, except common mechanism, also have other mechanism character that other company don’t have;

  1. MMC-200A straight line auto thermo shrinkage package machine industry automatic controlling system, whole set adopt to German Lenz full line IT product( contain PCC servo controlling machine, servo electricity motor, manipulation screen). Totally resolve industry automatic controlling system choose multi enterprise up and down product compatibility character and cannot enlarge ect technology problem, at whole facility movement technology flow, German Lenz max utmost exert German Lenz PCC industry automatic computer technology advantage;
  2. For bottle type size have big error real situation, avoid bottle off phenomena while forwards transport,auto PE film wrapping machine from Zhangjiagang City Worita packaging machinery co, ltd at bottle pushing fracture, special set auto on-off、photoelectrical machine stop device,reset is very quick,can finish reset within one minute,avoid frequency machine stop possibly make by via bottle fail.
  3. German Lenz industry computer controlling system another software extended advantage, can pre-install for client or later add different bottle type, or different bag specification package pre-selection solution, to suit different bottle type and package specification change at will. Reach one machine have several usage, enhance facility working efficiency, and easy to handle, convenient to maintain;
  4. Reasonable heat shrinkage case, adopt to multi point temperature inspection and controlling technology, German Lenz PCC controlling one piece of independent operation module controlling, thermo shrink case operation statics, reach auto analysis , auto build movement number ensure heating shrinkage case working section temperature precision, to create most beauty shrinkage effect;
  5. MMC -200A linear type auto PE film wrapping machine dissolve client facility character enhance, software function upgrade, at facility function, it have long-range diagnose and controlling technology, while client need, via inside modulation, can enter into new procedure, new improved load to u facility controller, easy to realize facility regeneration. And can realize facility movement take note, help user realize modernization locale manage;


Our company produce MMC-200A series heating shrink wrapping machine, except common mechanism, also have other mechanism character that other company don’t have;

  1. Package type: 3row*3arrange/bag,6row*4arrange/bag,6row*3arrange/bag or accord with client requirement
  2. Applied to container type: round glass bottle or PET bottle、can,container outsider diameter is 60-90 mm height is 120-300mm. remark: while exchange related spare parts, applied arrange is more wider). Accord with u company specific requirement: related bottle type package type related software have already installed, while exchange bottle type, just need to switch over at manipulation panel, easy to handle;
  3. Speed: 20 bags/minute (can continuous stepless speed regulation)
  4. Meet with pre-treatment filling machine filling speed. Package specification as follows: 2row*3arrange/bag,6row*4arrange/bag,5row*3arrange/bag, 4row*3arrange/bag OR accord with client requirement
  5. Package material requirement: Material: PE; density:0.7~0.92 g/cm3 thickness:70~90um max membrane roller diameter: 500mm membrane roller plate core diameter: Φ76~Φ80mm stretch tension: longitudinal、lateral accord with GB13022 criterion; heating shrink ratio: longitudinal、lateral accord with GB/T13519-92criterion,70±5 %、20±5 % shrinkage ratio: longitudinal、lateral accord with GB/T13519-92 criterion; fracture tension: longitudinal、lateral accord with GB13022 criterion; thickness deviation: accord with GB6672 criterion;
  6. Criterion collocation function: (three part)MMC-200 Auto transportation fracture: Connect filling machine conveyor, divide two degree or one degree conveyor, control via transducer, speed can adjust freely, can auto bottle divide and sorting;


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