The Flow Diagram of Shrink Sleeve Applicator Mechanism – How It Works and Its Applications

Shrink Sleeve Labeling machine with Electric tunnel for Pharma bottle
Shirnk Sleeve Device

Shirnk Sleeve Device is a notable invention in the process of wrapping multiple products of various sizes and texture. This equipment is a reliable and most anticipated choice of packaging that reduces man power consumption and other packaging related activities to a great extent. The addition of suitable conveyor to this machine saves more time and helps to obtain excellent productivity in relatively small time frame.

Multiple Wrapping Styles and Packaging Benefits

Multiple Wrapping Styles and Packaging Benefits

Starting from branding requirement to safety prospects, and to increase the level of identity amidst identical products, shrink sleeve label applicator device remains a great solution.

Apart from that there are some important advantages from the perspective of packaging such as,

  • Shrink Sleeves remain compatible for packing different types and shapes of containers
  • It is easily changeable in packaging from one form of container to another form.
  • The overall mechanism is easy to cope up with
  • Packaging cost and time is comparatively less than conventional sleeve applications therefore packaging industries can obviously save cost.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator Mechanism

Shrink Sleeve Applicator Mechanism

Shrink Sleeve mechanism works with multiple aspects. They are shrink tunnel, conveyor, sleeve feeding, perforators, etc. The material is fed into the tunnel with the help of PLC control and slat conveyors support for sending product one by one into the tunnel. The tunnel is the main location where wrapping material gets heated and ready to stick and shrink over the product perfectly. The packaged products are then sent one by one with the help of conveyors. The mechanism of each part of shrink sleeves is discussed below;

  • Tunnel

Tunnel provides the support for making hot sleeves which can be readily wrapped on products or containers. The tunnels are available with different mechanisms which can be chosen based on the wrapping material and its compatibility with the type of heat produced inside the tunnel. Consumers can choose hot air tunnel or radian heat tunnels as per the labeling material texture and compatibility.

  • Slat Conveyor
Slat Conveyor

Roller conveyor or  Slat Conveyor is a type of conveyor applied for transmitting products one by one for processing products which are to be wrapped with hot shrink sleeves.

  • PLC Sleeve Feeding
PLC Sleeve Feeding

PLC helps for precise sleeve feeding. It can control multiple operations in sleeve applicator including control of sleeve cutters, conveyors, speed of material feeding, control on length of the sleeve, etc. Another important benefit of PLC control is that this mechanism really reduces the need for different mechanical parts for controlling or managing the above mentioned processes in shrink sleeve application.

  • Perforators-Perforators help for appropriate product spacing and product positioning.
  • Conveyor-Conveyors make the job easier. Shrink sleeves can be incorporated with different types of conveyors. Choosing a customized conveyor will bring effective results than sticking to the standard ones.
Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves from Multipack Machinery

Multipack Machinery, a leader in designing packaging machines for secondary packaging requisites presents shrink sleeves with PLC control. Our apparatus is created from high grade and tested stainless steel components. Get to know more about the excellent features we have equipped with shrink sleeve apparatus.

Our Manufacturer range includes a wide range of automatic shrink sleeve applicator, neck shrink sleeve machine, high speed linear shrink sleeve applicator, shrink sleeve machinery, shrink sleeve machine tunnel and neck shrink sleeve applicator, Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator, Jar & Bottle Sleeve Labeling Machine apply shrink sleeves on most container shape and sizes. 


Shrink sleeve applicator is versatile equipment when it comes to secondary packaging requirements. It is suitable to wrap variety of products irrespective of size and shape and remains a cost effective wrapping option.

This article is posted by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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