Single Head cap wadding machine with glue systems


Multipack Packaging machineries – MMC  is specialized in cap lining (wadding) machines, multipiece closure assembly machines, cap slitting & paper folding machines, cap closing machines and vision inspection control.

MMC Cap lining machines, Wad inserter , cap wadding machines or cap wadders are machines special designed to fixed round or different shapes wads or liners from a wad holder with pick and place each liner and place it into plastic or metal caps and packages , machines speed available 40 to 150 ppm or higher speed. Cap Lining machines pre-cut sealing liner of the caps.

The dimensional range of cap diameter can be performed to the need for designed for cap feeding and fixing liner systems . also equipments are designed to process all types of liners of the market; round disks, multi triple small tab disks for a better insertion, pull tab disks for easier seal removal, donut shape disks, double liners, squared or oval liners.

Rotary cap wadding / linear fixed machines are offered. Rotary ones are suitable for high production with perfect fixing on caps. The linear machines are used for medium and low production cadences. Rotary indexing with pick and place liner placing systems available with single and two head cap liner and cap wadding machines have different number of stations depending on the needed output speed. cap wadding machine changeover of cap Both have easy changeovers to one type of cap to another. Other cap change parts systems can be installed to carry out start wheel , cap delivery chute and wad holding unit assembly operations in case needed.

Our cap liner wadding machine different special configurations can be installed for the cap wadding machine working with precut liners. We provide cap sensor for each product is checked to ensure the presence and completely inserted liner.

MMC Closure lining machines can be checked with custom made vision systems by multipack. Integrated vision systems with its rejection to ensure perfectly wadded closures production.

We have optionally Systems are equipped with PLC system and frequency converters , bulk cap feeder / elevator that make the machine adapt its speed automatically for each speed of the line needed. HMI color touch screen can be a tactile panel view and where user checks the display and modify all functions and parameters.

Safety enclosure and electrical safety devices included with the machine

Our Cap wadding or cap liner insertion machine Cap lining material is inserted into the caps or closures prior to the caps being supplied or used for the packaging process. Cap lining machinery becomes a requirement for cap manufacturers and in some rare cases end users when their demand reaches more than 10,000 lined caps per day

The main function of wad inserting or cap lining machines is to automatically insert the induction liner / aluminum foil gasket or the PE foam gasket into the cap, which achieves automatic liner inserting and prevents the liner from being contaminated by manual liner inserting. Automatic operation is not only environmentally friendly and sanitary, but also substantially improves the working efficiency of manufacturers. The cap lining machines from multipack Machinery include single-step cap lining machine, double-station cap lining machine and cap liner cut machine, etc.. We can also customize special models according to customer needs.

Cap liner machine is widely used in the industry :Pharmaceutical cap liner or wad inserting machine, Cosmetics cap wadding machine, Food cap wad inserting machine, Liquor cap liner machine , Lube oil cap lining machine with Applicable liner material: paper or pulp board liner,  aluminum foil liner, and foam liner and  The cap liner is cut in pieces inadvance(Precut liner)


The feed caps in vibrating bowl moving on chute are fed into star wheel, operating on Geneva mechanism. Move on third part of induction where one pneumatic actuator put one wad into cap and at last part on induction wad will press by one mechanical operated rod.


Model SBWI – 60
Head Single
Output Up to 60 Caps per minute – depend on cap size.
Direction of Movement Left to Right.
Electrical Specification** Main Motor 4 HP max
Cap Feeding Bowl 20 amp.
Working Height** 700 to 900mm
Change parts required (A) Cap: Vibrating Bowl, Chute, Star Wheel.
(B) Wad: Magazine, Pusher, Star wheel, Insserting Plate.

Input Specification

Cap Specification


25mm to 80 mm***

Height ** 15 to 30 mm***

Wed Size**


Up to  79mm ***

Thickness** 0.7 mm to 1.2 mm***


  • SS elegantly matt finished body.
  • Single motor synchronizes star wheel & platform turret.
  • Adjustable height of machine.
  • Low noise level, low power consumptions.
  • SS cladding or hard chrome plating of all exposed parts to ensure long life and resistance against corrosion.
  • Minimum time for change over.
  • Easy operating system.
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