Shrink Wrapping Technology – Perfect Equipments for Food and Beverage Industry

The appearance of the product to the customer has a major influence on the purchasing decision. The product presentation is one area that shrinks wrapping technology has been very effective. Shrink wrapping protects the products, keeping them in original shape, size and color even after heavy handling during transport and storage.

Various materials are used in the shrink wrap machines. Shrink wrappers can be manufactured from polypropylene, PVC, and polythene material. The flexibility of the shrink wrapping material is another advantage making them preferable over other packaging materials. In packaging, the material can be modified to unidirectional or bidirectional shrinkage depending on the desired final shape of the package.

Shrink wrap application involves the usage of heat to cause the special change in the material to evenly and firmly cover the product. This process is automated by the shrink wrap machines which rapidly applies the wrap around the product and passes it through a heat tunnel for shrinking to happen.

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine
Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine has a high speed of operation and able to maximize efficiency in shrink wrapping operation. The machine is suitable for all production lines, with the ability to deliver high quality products, and can handle all sizes of packages as well.

Semi Auto Shrink Wrapping Machine

This equipment offers several advantages over the smaller models of the “I” bar sealers which include;
L bar sealer incorporated to increase functionality and flexibility

A magnetic hold down system is included to keep the sealing bar in position until all sealing is complete. The operator can start working on the next product while the sealing is being completed

A discharge conveyor is incorporated that offers good time saving and more rapid production.

The shrink tunnel that offers the greatest time saving in production as it requires only one pass and complete sealing is done.

Equipped with a micro knife and band ribbon for better sealing and longer life of the equipment.

Reel Wrapping Machine
The equipment is able to achieve rapid application of the stretch film efficiently and effectively while ensuring minimal waste of the wrapping material. Reel Wrapping Machines is able to deliver very neat wrapping and clean cut finish at the end of the wrapping cycle. It requires minimal human interference and the maintenance requirements are minimal.

Spiral Wrapping Machine
The machine is used in wrapping of horizontally inclined products such as carpet rolls, batched aluminum profiles, metal pipes and others of similar shape and design. The equipment is made of hardy material and rigid structure able to the heavy products they wrap. This design of construction ensures high quality wrapping and longer functional life of the machine.

Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine
The machine is well designed for food and beverage industries, such as water packaging lines, juice manufacturing industries and can handle heavy packing volume ranging from 80 – 100 packs per minute. Machine design is made to ensure firm packages are delivered and remain neat and appealing to the customers.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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