Reasons Why You Need a Shrink Wrapping Machine in Your Production Facility

The shrink wrapping machine is widely used in many packaging fields including foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemical products. The equipment can be used for multiple packaging of products either in loose form, prepacked in cartons or packaged in trays.

The design of the shrink wrapping machine is such that all processes are handled in one unit such as in feed and collation, wrapping, sealing and heat shrinking, Bottled Water Bundle Wrapping Machine, Water Bottles Group Wrapping Machine, Group Packing Machine of Bottles, Shrink Wrap Machine for Bottle Groups, Multiple Bottle Group Shrink Wrapping Machine, Fully-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine, Shrink Machine for Bottle Group, Bottle Bundle Group Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Some important benefits of the shrink wrapping machine include;

Tight Wrapping 
The shrink wrapping machine for bottles is able to deliver a tight wrapping and sealing to eventually save on film consumption and on usage of heat energy. Despite this, the open sides of the package are easily unwrapped when the product is opened up for usage.

Advanced technology has been used in the development of the automatic shrink wrap machines. The machine is operated through a programmable logic control system and the settings are monitored from a touch screen panel that is integrated in the electrical cabinet. With this kind of innovation, the machine becomes a compact unit occupying a small floor area and will easily fit along any production process.

With the different manufacturing systems around the world having different configurations, the
Automatic and semi-automatic shrink wrap machines and designed with adjustable height levels, that make it easier to connect the in feed and out feed conveyors in the production line.

The auto shrink wrapper support system has also been fitted with roller wheels for easier moving the equipment from one point to another in the production facility. This also allows for a flexible production layout.

The heated air in the shrink tunnel is directed by means of adjustable flaps that enable the achievement of even and optimized shrinking process. These heat directing flaps are easily operated from outside.

Important Features Making the Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Ideal for You

  • Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine is designed in hygienic and easy to clean and maintain parts making it suitable for food wrapping as well as pharmaceutical industries.
  • The equipment is built on a stainless steel structure that is rigid and firm for vibration free operation.
  • Cost efficiency ; the shrink wrap machine is a low energy consuming machine with high material saving ability
  • The shrink wrapping machine for bottle and other products is highly automated and still user friendly therefore lower operational costs and minimal human supervision.
  • The equipment has a built in cooling zone for even and efficient sealing
  • The air flow direction is adjustable and therefore can be used for different types and shapes of bottles and packages.

There have been rapid advancements in the packaging industry and the automatic shrink tunnel machine has become an invaluable tool to many manufacturers. The machine has made product sealing and batching an easy and efficient process, to produce neat, clean and easy to handle product batches, without a heavy capital outlay. The manufacture of the shrink wrap machine in various models and sizes has also created a good variety for users with different manufacturing needs.






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