Shrink Wrapping and Packaging Equipments – Ushering New Era in Product Packaging

Wrapping Machine

This equipment is used in placement of the stretch film around the product for safety, easy handling and protection. The machines are manufactured as semi or fully automated wrapping equipment. The strong design of the equipment, guarantees strong wrap application that produces a neat appearance while effectively providing safety of the product.

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In the semi automatic shrink wrapping machine, film application is done with the intervention of the operator. Shrink Wrapping Machine involves positioning the product, or batch in place, wrapping is done by the machine and manual removal of the product.

Shrink Wrapping and Packaging Equipments

Spiral Wrapping Machine

This equipment is used in wrapping of ring shaped and lengthy products. Spiral Wrapping Machine is noted  in industry for its high energy efficiency , reduced energy consumption , low consumables cost, low noise levels, easy set up time and can be interlinked with other equipments. Some products that are packed with the machine include building products, automotive parts, food packages and beverages.  The wrapping process guarantees proper fitting and labeling of the stretch wrap.

Doughnut Wrapping Machine

This equipment is designed for smaller sized products such as doughnuts, biscuits and bread. All sensitive parts are made of stainless steel and meet the requirements of good manufacturing practices.  The machine is equipped with the variable speed control system, which enables faster packing and control of the process for high quality and efficient operation.

The machine is also equipped with the sensitive electronic eye system that correctly aligns the product to the packing line for accurate placement and sealing of the product. It also has an advanced control system that helps track the process, counting of finished product and advanced fault diagnosis.

Tray Shrink Wrapping Machine

The machine has been developed with an inherent ability to conserve energy and with great durability. The model has consistent production and minimal failure during operation. The tray shrink-wrapping machine has a heavy-duty compact frame that minimizes vibration during operation and adds to the machine durability. It is equipped with an integral tunnel for accurate wrap alignment. In addition, an advanced control panel is installed that is user friendly, and easy to learn and operate.

Reel Wrapping Machine

Materials such as paper, films, cable reels are not wrapped like other boxed products due to their shape and weight. The reel-wrapping machine is used. This is a state of art equipment designed for wrapping products sold as reels. It can wrap reels of various diameters and lengths and some models can serve as pallet stretch wrapping machine. The machine can be easily incorporated into the conveyor layout for efficient processing and wrapping. It has strong electronic drives and a programmable logic control system for economical film usage monitoring and easy operation.

Glass Shrink-Wrapping Machine

Some of the crucial considerations in the development of this machine include;

  • Ensures the load safety during the wrapping operations and product movement
  • The equipment guarantees protection of bottles against dirt and moisture contamination
  • Machine is easy to maintain and service
  • Regulated and reduced energy usage
  • Films saving features have been incorporated while ensuring high safety standards are met.

This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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