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Shrink Wrap machine - Bundle


Multipack design and manufacture a wide range of high-Quality Auto and Semi-Auto Bundle Shrink Wrappers for most industries  and most products with special Modular design with speeds ranging from 3 to 30 packs/min

Multipack’s PHARMA series Stainless Steel GMP Model – Bundle shrink wrappers are intermittent motion machines designed for collating and wrapping pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, beverages, and mineral water, etc products. This multipack model uses a motorized and Pneumatic both type pusher to provide smooth, smooth positive transfers. Multipack pharmaceutical shrink wrapper machine is capable of handling both rounded, Oval and squared containers such as Syrup, Tablet, Jar as well as vitamins bottles and small cartons. These compact bundlers wrapper machines are ideal for food, Nutraceuticals’, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, water and drink bottle, and personal care products. Also, heavy duty Shrink wrapper machine specially  Designed for Bottled drinking water, beverage, juice, dairy bottle Shrink Wrapper machine etc.Bundle Shrink wrapper machine, Shrink Wrap machine

Multipack produces the world’s most best complete line of pharmaceutical and food, cosmetics etc multi-packers. Our standard “Pharma Series” consists of six automatic, single lane, side in feed bundlers (bulls eye wrappers) Shrink wrap machine. Each product  of these machines includes state of the art design by multipack, Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Powder coated construction, user friendly operation and safety features.

Multipack  designed the pharmaceutical shrink wrapper machine , ,   Bottled Water Bundle Wrapping Machine, Water Bottles Group Wrapping Machine, Group Packing Machine of Bottles, Shrink Wrap Machine for Bottle Groups, Multiple Bottle Group Shrink Wrapping Machine, Fully-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine, Shrink Machine for Bottle Group, Bottle Bundle Group Shrink Wrapping Machine / equipments series to quick respond to the needs of the pharma and Nutraceuticals’ industries. These bundle packaging machines is very compact and best shrink multipack small bottles, vials, Jar, medicine boxes, Cartons , medical tubes, and other Pharma , medical, cosmetic and Nutraceuticals’ packages of different shapes and sizes.Bundle Shrink Wrappers



⇒  Cost Effective with user-friendly

⇒  Multiple matrix like 2 x 2 , 3 x 2 , 3 x 3 , 4 x 4 , 4 x 6 etc shrink wrap pack with infeed modules available (Inline, Inline Flood, & Side In-feed)

⇒  Color touch screen pre-programmed control panel

⇒  Automatic One-piece Heat Shrink Film Wrapping machine

⇒  Printed Film System Optionally

⇒ Auto Cardboard Support Placing+ Heat Shrink Film Wrapping, Auto Cardboard Tray Folding + Heat Shrink Film Wrapping Optionally

⇒  Packing Speed: 3 Packs/ Minute –  36 Packs/Minute



The layout of Shrink Wrap machine, Bundle Shrink wrapper machine

Layout of Shrink Wrap machine

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