Shrink Tunnels Market: Growing Adoption of Shrink Wrapping Technology

The shrink-wrapping technology involves applying a shrink film on product or batch of product and subjecting the same to heat through a tunnel that results to changes in the molecular structure of the film causing shrinkage and a comfortable fit with the product. The tunnel is thus a heat chamber with a conveyor for continuous operation

Shrink Wrap Tunnels Market Opportunities

The economic benefits associated with the use of shrink-wrap tunnels have been a major driver in the demand for this technology. These benefits include lower costs, material availability and weight savings.

 Usage of shrink-wrap tunnels has also other functional benefits such as ease of handling and package durability.

Notably, the beverage industry has been a major consumer of the shrink-wrap tunnels globally. Consequently, the growth in this industry leads to steady growth in the demand of the shrink-wrapping technology.

Market Development

During shopping, research shows that customers will be predisposed to a certain brand, but the final decision is made at the display shelf. Many factors come into play at this point, including loyalty and experience.

Eye catching product, unique packaging, and bright colors will naturally attract shoppers. With the development of shrink sleeves, product manufacturers have been able to differentiate their merchandise with compelling shapes and colors that attract attention and create ergonomic packaging designs.

Shrink Wrap Tunnels Market Dynamics

The main users of the shrink-wrap tunnels are the food industry, beverages, pharmaceuticals and personal care products industries.

There are three main technologies used in the shrink tunnels design. They are based on the product being packed.

Convective heat tunnels utilize a re-circulating hot air to heat up the film and cause shrinkage. It is used in processing of tamper evident bands and shrink sleeves.

Radiant shrink tunnels utilize infrared energy to cause shrinkage. They are easy to mount on conveyors and ergonomic features have been considered. Height adjustments are also easy and relatively simple to operate.

Steam shrink tunnels employ steam for shrinkage. They are simple, durable and flexible in operation. They also create high quality finish.

Factors Favoring Shrink Wrapping Technology

Food and beverage industries have adopted the shrink wrapping technology because it provides a packaging method that is able to withstand the rigors of transport without damages, and also maintains the freshness of the product.

The rise in e-commerce has also enabled better promotion and marketing of shrink tunnels resulting to increase in demand for the shrink tunnels.

Increased sales of retail products and demand for pallets unitization for easier shipping has also been a key factor driving the demand for adoption of shrink wrapping technology.

Global Demand Shrink Wrapping Technology

Currently, the major market for this technology is in the Asia pacific market. This is due to the ever-expanding food industry in the region. Market projection shows that the next key areas are North America and Africa. Market prospects in Europe are also high due to the increasing meat market and increase in frozen foods packaging requirements.


Shrink wrap tunnels use heat energy to cause fill shrinkage. There has been rapid growth in the demand of the shrink tunnels market due to their flexibility and attractiveness of the final package. Key industries bolstering the usage of the shrink tunnels include the food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical and personal care product industries.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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