Shrink Tunnel-Multipack-4520PD


This is simple and reliable best shrink tunnel with excellent line, hard-working machine that produces superior packages every time. This shrink tunnel can also combine with an L-Sealer for the better wrapping and packaging solution. Standard finish or stainless steel are available two types of machines.


  • Full re-circulating air chamber.
  • Dual heat insulation plate unable causes around temperature over-hot. The safety shields-protect from heat.
  • PID temperature control.
  • Conveyor speed for Shrink Packaging Machine adjustable. Adjustable air velocity control.
  • Conveyor chain used the solid roller, exterior is packed by high temperature silica gel, burden with heavy products.
  • Roller rod conveyor. Teflon mesh overlay is optional.
  • The electrical control parts have overheat compensator protection to shut off the power.


Model CN-4520PD CN-6530PD
Power Supply 3φ,220V/380V 3φ,220V/380V
Power consumption 9 KW 15 KW
Tunnel size L=1000 x W=450 x H=200mm L=1000 x W=650 x H=300mm
Conveyor speed 10M/min 10M/min
Conveyor size L=1400xW=450xH=760mm L=1600xW=650xH=760mm
Machine size L=1400 x W=760 x H=1450mm L=1600 x W=960 x H=1550mm
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