Shrink Sleeve – The Best Option to Integrate With Your Existing Packaging Machinery for Speedy Process

Shrink Sleeve label applicator

Shrink sleeve applicator functionality in packaging industry

The demand for concept oriented packaging in important industries like food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, etc in terms of hygiene and purity maintenance is increasing because exporting necessities have increased between countries. People wish to get their favourite food or important medications that are not available in their country therefore the demand for export is considerably high. When it comes to exporting food and medications, hygienic packaging also becomes mandatory. Packaging machine manufacturers design different equipments to wrap the products properly until they are consumed. Among the devices available Shrink sleeve applicator is a high speed labelling machine which can be integrated into the existing packaging machinery. In addition, with such equipment the cost of labour can be reduced to a good level.

Industrial benefits of applying shrink applicator

Shrink applicator equipment is found to be advantageous in several ways for the packaging industry such as

  • It is a high performing device that is suitable for industries producing more products, hence it is considered as an effective solution for wrapping the products
  • Perfect option for food and pharmaceutical industries
  • The draping material reel changes over in a fast and safe manner
  • High technical specifications are also possible to operate the machine either individually or through online
  • The investor can save expenses over unnecessary equipment fittings while choosing multi level packaging, as shrink sleeve equipment is a cost effective option that can save multiple expenses
  • The investor can considerably reduce the expenditure on manufacturing.

Best solution for packaging machinery investment

Shrink sleeve application is a compact device that can be easily added to your existing packaging option and obtain a complete wrapping effect starting from draping to sealing and labelling with necessary details. In earlier days, binding process was not done with a single machine, if wrapping was done with one machine, labelling will be done by another machine and label preparation will be done by another, wherein, manual support was very much anticipated. Designing objectives have considerably changed in accordance with production demand, time, cost and quality required. Investing in machineries where a combination packing process can be obtained will stay a profitable option.

Why to choose Indian shrink sleeve machinery manufacturer?

Indian manufacturers of machineries are showing great interest in designing various types of innovative and cost effective machineries suiting the needs of different industrial requirements. Though there are other countries that remain leading in producing workshop and packaging equipments, Indian machineries are preferred for several significant reasons such as

  • Well-built equipment structure
  • Designed to suit high productivity demands
  • Pricing is very competitive
  • Indian manufacturers are popularly known for customer satisfaction as they tend to design an equipment based on their requests
  • Machinery designers in India are interested in adopting the latest technology in machine manufacturing
  • Indian made machines are acknowledged for their long term performance, reliability, and above all designed to consume less energy.


Visiting the websites of the machinery manufacturer is an ideal option before investing in machineries. Above all, customer reviews and forums will also help the investors to learn about genuineness of the manufacturer.

This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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