Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator – Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine


Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator


Bottle neck and body shrink sleeve label applicator is equipped with imported servo motor, PLC programmable controller, frequency converter, servo driver and transducer. It comes with positioning module which provides rapid, precise and stable labeling. It also provides perfect shape of bottle after shrinkage.


  1. All-cover type stainless steel host machine:the whole machine is waterproof as well as rustproof.
  2. Adjustable cutter head: uniquely cyclotron cut-off, double sided cutting edge with a long service life.
  3. Single positioning center guide pillar:a more stable for label delivery.
  4. Synchronous bottle divider: a more stable transmission for bottle.
  5. Bottom set of label brush: a more precision for casting label.
  6. Label-controlling electric-eye shelf: unique combination of tail and electric-eye to improve the precision for cutting off the membrane materials.
  7. Push-button control cabinet:a more humanized operation.
  8. Independent feeding material shelf: the position of the material shelf is optional at will.


Input Power3KW
Input Voltage3, 380/220VAC
Production Efficiency150* Bottle/ min
Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body28mm-125mm
Applicable length of Label30mm-250mm
Applicable thickness of Label0.03mm-0.13mm


Bottle neck and body shrink sleeve label applicator is used in food & beverage industries such as tea, fruit juice, dairy products, drink, condiments, pure water, sports drink and beer etc.It is suitable for different types of bottles including round, square, flat, curved and cup-shaped bottle etc.

Shrink Sleeve applicator Suitable for HDPE bottle, Glass bottle, Plastic Jar, Pet bottle and Jar, Tin, vial shrink labeling, Syrup bottle sleeve labeling, Water bottle, Juice bottle, Corrugated and Big containers bottle and jars Shrink Sleeve labeling and shrinking machine.


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