Shampoo Filling and Capping Machine


Automatic shampoo filling machine is used to fill all types of liquids with different viscosity including the activities like capping, labelling and printing.

The filling accuracy is very high with the pneumatic piston booster and volume measurement used in Shampoo filing and capping machine.

Shampoo filler and capper are widely used in industries like pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc.

Different specifications and shapes of bottles can be used for filling with this machine as the bottles go straight into the machine. Alien shaped bottles also can be filled with this device.

Technical parameters

  1. Model: 150
  2. Filling range: 50~1000ml
  3. Filling speed: 30-80bottle/min
  4. Error: ± 1%
  5. Rated power: 0.8kw
  6. Power: 220V
  7. Air pressure: 5~7kg
  8. Air consumption: 0.5m3/min


Name MULTI HEAD  Filling Machine
Filling volume 20-1000ml
Model 150
Filling Heads  2- 24
Capacity 20-150 times/min
Control system PLC+ Touch screen
Precision ±0.5%
Bottle height 100-250 mm (adjustable)
Voltage AC220V or AC 380V
Power 1.0Kw.
Pneumatic 0.3cbm/min, 0.6-0.8Mpa
Function This automatic filling machine, adopts plunger pump filling, Equiped with PLC and liquid crystal touch screen, easy to operate. All of the pneumatic parts and the electronics are famous brand from Japan or German, e.x.,LENZE,FESTO, MITSUBISHI, ARTIC, etc. The body and the parts contacting with product is stainless steel, clean and sanitary comply with GMP standard. The filling volume and speed can be adjusted easily, and filling nozzles could be installed more or less according to actual needs. This filling line can be used to fill various liquid products of medicines, foods, drinks, chemicals, detergents, pesticide, etc. e.x. shampoo, detergent, lotion, juice, wine, vinegar, etc.


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