Secondary Packaging Machines are Now Customisable for Effective Usage

In the industry of packaging, the term flexibility is used exclusively in positive light describing the efficiency of machinery to handle a plethora of formats and products. Losing the goal of addressing flexibility to acknowledge the secondary packaging machine might lead to a lot of challenging situations for the enterprise.

For a packing company, flexibility of the devices is a good point to start with the business, as it will minimize every potential downside and also meet the tailor made requirements of the client and industry as a whole.

Types of Packaging

Packing of goods can be broadly categorized into two segments like primary and secondary. Concerning the basic stuffing system, it is usually the factor that is in direct contact with the product, for example a carton or bottle for liquids or packets for snacks and fast foods.

Similarly, secondary wrapping comes in combination with primary wrapping like a shrink film or tray. This also means, secondary wrapping is used to transport the basic packaging to the retailer or producer. There is also liberty of recycling this type of wrapping once the purpose is served.

Secondary Packaging Machines

Kinds of Packing Machines

The industry is now largely focusing on customized options for packing the processed foods as there are several items coming up that command different ways of packing. Choice of secondary devices is determined by situations like budget, integration, technology under use and payback period. Based on that there are few general types as:

  • Labelling Machines: As already denoted by the name, this equipment is employed for applying tags and other decorations to cover displays, containers and transit packs. Labelling Machines is the most widely used machinery with multi-functional capabilities. Tickets are also used to ensure that the merchandises reach its final destination without any tamper or interference.
  • Filling Machine: By the help of this device, a product is measured out of a bulk supply on the basis of some pre-existing value like mass, volume and level of container. There are several factors that influence the procedure of the fill device that is gas, liquid, free flowing solids or powder.
  • Capper Machine: Relying on the developments taking place in infrastructure, both customized and automatic, bottle capping machines are available in the market. Different sealing machines are used according to the type of bottles like plastic or glass following some unique features that are suitable with the material of bottles used for sealing.
  • Bottle, Box Conveyor: Generally speaking, this is the machine that is used to carry box, containers, bottles and other filling components from one place to another. This mechanical handling equipment is used for automated and partly automated packaging processes. This is further divided into four main groups like for handling:
  1. Products in bulk
  2. Small and large unit loads
  3. Only slight unit load
  4. Heavy unit loads

Machines of this kind use technology that is effective in handling items of different consistencies.

Other Insightful Considerations

With the availability of a wide range of wrapping devices, both the small and big companies can meet their customizable needs. Similarly, this provides assistance to run a firm in a proper manner, organizing each factor. Its realistic designs give greater self-life to the products, making it appropriate for human consumption and usage.

This article is written by  – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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