Seal Bottles Faster and Efficiently Using Cap Sealing and Bottle Shrink Machines

Induction cap sealing and bottle shrink machines provide tamper proof seal on bottles and other containers. Cap sealing protects bottled products for tamper and contamination while bottle shrink wrapping improves handling and transportation of packaged materials. Over 94% of products in sachets and bottles are packed using these machines.

Cap Sealing and Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machines

  • Cap sealing is a non contact process which uses the principle of induction heating. It has an induction heater which generates electromagnetic field induced by electric current. When this field impinges on the aluminum foils on top of a bottle, it induces heat causing the foil and container to melt and fuse to form a tamper proof bond.
  • A typical multi-laminate seal used in cap filling machine is made up of a pulp layer, wax, aluminum foil and a polymer that is sensitive to heat. Electromagnetic wave causes the seal to heat bonding the container surface to the cap.
  • Cap sealing machines can be manual or fully automated. They are able to achieve high speed sealing suitable for industrial applications. They are simple in construction and very cost effective. They can seal containers of diameter 10mm up to 200mm. They have low speed and cap 10 to 20 containers per minute.  Automatic cap sealers have advanced a computerized control system which uses microprocessors or programmable logic controllers (PLC). They are able seal over 130 bottles per minute. Automated machine have many features such as counters, in feed and out feed conveyors systems, production counters, temperature and power monitors, foil lining systems, coil cooling systems among others.
  • Bottle shrink machines are used to wrap sachets and bottles into boxes and clusters which can be easily handled and transported.  Shrink wrap machines package bottles into cartoons of different sizes.   These machines are automated ensuring fast packing speed and uniformity.
  • Bottle shrink process is a four stage process comprising of sleeve wrapping, sealing, application of hot air to cause shrinking and finally cooling. The process uses plastic polymers such as poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and polypropylene which are sensitive to heat process.  The amount of shrinkage in the machine direction determines the effectiveness of the wrapping process.

Uses of Cap Sealing and Bottle Shrink Machines

  • Cap sealers and bottle shrink machines are widely used in the packaging industry.  Cap sealing machines are used to seal bottled products such as liquid medicine and other pharmaceuticals, packaged foods, chemical s, herbicides, pesticides, lubricants, edible oils, cosmetics, bottled water, daily products among others.
  • Bottle shrink machines are used to pack several bottles or containers in pack. The shrink pack houses several bottles in a rectangular pack. This packaging assists in handling and transportation of bottled products.


Induction cap sealing and bottle shrink machines are widely applied in packaging of bottled products. Cap sealing ensure that products are tamper proof and free from contamination and oxidation. It also prevents leakages and ensures that products are safe and hygienic. Bottle shrink machines wrap products in clusters and this improves handling and transportation.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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