Roller Conveyors – Devices for Easy Material Handling at Industries

Roller conveyors are the devices used for material handling or conveyance. Very often these conveyors are employed at the industries where there is frequent requirement for transporting goods from one point at the work place to the other. The conveyors make the transfer of materials easy and can help in saving the labor costs which otherwise would be required to be employed for transporting goods from point to point at the work place. The roller conveyors can move a variety of goods easily and can be employed for applications like side loading, accumulating or pushing off the goods in the industries.

Talking about the roller conveying system employed in industrial work environments, it is a rollers supported transportation device in which multiple rollers rotate within a single frame or belt in one direction, causing the belt to move forward which carries the goods along with it and as such helps in moving them to the destination point. These conveyors can be powered with various sources like gravity, power or manual processes. The powered roller conveyors are usually more powerful than the manual conveyors and can save a lot of time at the workplace where employed. For the industrial processes in which conveying heavier and bulk goods is the necessity, the powered conveyors can be of great help. They could be got in desired specifications and therefore can be selected as per requirements for faster and efficient conveyance processes. There is an individual motor employed in every roller for powering of this conveying system.

There are chain driven conveyors in which rollers are attached to a chain that is driven by a motor. As the chain moves, the rollers move at the same velocity thereby employing a forward movement. The heavier masses can be easily transferred at the workplace with the help of chain driven roller conveyors. Conveyors can support the conveyance needs in production assembly lines or units where usually the products are manufactured through a step by step process including the manufacture, packaging and storage at the dispatch. Conveyors ensure consistency and efficiency in the process which otherwise would not be possible in majority of the manual conveyance methods.

Today there are flexible conveyors for warehouse, packing line and loading and unloading systems available in customized specifications too. These standard conveyance devices can be connected together and expanded for the length of conveyance required.


Therefore easy and fast conveyance is an important requirement in industries and this need is very well satisfied with the suitable roller conveyors.

This article educates reader about conveyors and how conveyors are employed in industries for material handling.

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